Test Boost Max Review 2024

Fact Checked By Dr Mark Watson

Updated 30th April 2023

Is Test Boost Max Any Good?

Sculpt nation's Test boost max has been one of if not the most popular testosterone booster in the US for the last decade. But, that doesn't necessarily mean it's one of the best. And to cut a long story short, it isn't. It's far from it and there's little to no chance it would outperform any of the products on our best testosterone boosters list. That said, if you've already bought Test Boost Max is it all doom and gloom? No, there are some positives to the product, there are just far better options at far lower prices. Some of the ingredients are irrelevant to testosterone production and most of those that are have dosages in that are incredibly low, for example TestBoost Max contains ginseng is 1/5 of it's effective range and cordyceps mushroom at 1/100 of it's effective range (and whilst the ingredient has benefits none of the later have anything to do with test levels). 

Or if you want to skip the full review, we don't recommend Test Boost Max, there are much better options at a similar price point. Prime Male being a perfect example of something that has all of the relevant ingredients in Test Boost Max in their correct doses as well as a vitamin blend and DAA's which is sorely lacking in scuplt nation test boost max.

As we mentioned TestBoost Max also ignores any essential vitamins for testosterone production, which is particularly important as these deficiencies effect up to 50% of men in the US. this and the mentioned missing extracts that we'd expect from a test booster in it's price bracket mean we can't give test boost max a good score. 

Customers Test Boost Max reviews were middling at best and overall it's just not great. It's not terrible, there are a couple of functional ingredients in here, and if you've already bought Test Boost Max, you could have done worse, but, if you haven't bought it yet, we'd recommend you pick one from our best testosterone boosters list  instead

What Does Test Boost Max Claim To Do?

Test Boost Max makes some pretty big claims, and unfortunately doesn't live up to many of them. The test booster claims that it will improve sexual performance, increase testosterone levels, build lean muscle mass, strip body fat, improve energy levels, reduce stress levels and even help with erectile dysfunction. Now, when put like that it all seems pretty unbelievable. And that's not because natural testosterone boosters are a complete waste of time. They're just not that good. Raising your testosterone level, can and will help combat most of these issues, with the exception of erectile dysfunction, in 99% of cases this is psychological, so in theory improved mood can and does help, but there's likely to be more to unpack than simply taking a pill. Unless you're relying on the placebo effect. The things that a natural testosterone booster can achieve are going to depend on your test levels and if you have any deficiencies which it addresses. And some test boosters do this very well targeting not only ingredients that improve free testosterone levels by themselves, but also addressing the most common vitamin deficiencies which can cause low test. For example 60-70% of US adults are Vitamin D deficient, and supplementation was shown to raise testosterone levels by up to 46%. An increase like this, could achieve the effects that Test Boost Max claims, unfortunately Test Boost Max doesn't have any additional vitamins and minerals, so making these claims is a little ambitious. There's a lot of other effective ingredients that are missing and we'll come back to that in the ingredients section. 

Customer Reviews Of Test Boost Max

A lot of Test Boost Max complaints come down to side effects or repeat billing that customers were unable to cancel. It's more often a case of issues with the company than the supplement itself. 

All in all there are a lot of negative test boost max reviews though. We would recommend having a look at the trust pilot before making a purchase. 

There are 100s of reviews complaining of repeat billing on test boost max and other sculpt nation products, buyer beware. 

There are also an awful lot of people simply saying that Test Boost Max doesn't particularly do much good. 

Test Boost Max Reviews Reddit

When it comes to finding verified customer reviews of Test Boost Max it's pretty difficult outside of trustpilot. Which brings us to reddit, there are a lot of opinions on Test Boost Max here, but there aren't a whole lot of people who are actually claiming to have tried it. The majority of the opinions on reddit are similar to ours, saying that the ingredients mix isn't up to scratch. There's a couple of people who say it worked for them, but there are equally as many saying it didn't. Despite the prevelance of the supplement there isn't much to go on here that would be considered valid. Then of course there's a couple of suspect responses from accounts with limited post history that are likely from the marketing team behind sculpt nation.

Is Test Boost Max Any Good For Anything?

Well, yes, it's just very much a D tier supplement. It not only misses the essential vitamins and minerals required to restore normal function for boosting testosterone levels, but it misses one of the most well known ingredient on the market currently, D - Aspartic Acid. D - Aspartic Acid is an amino acid essential for the production of testosterone, and it normally appears in test boosters at this price point. It's also missing Vitamin D, K2, Magnesium, Zinc, Boron, Maca, Fenugreek extracts which also typically make it into the best boosters. 


  • Has some OK Ingredients
  • Not Very Expensive
  • Erm..... any ideas?


  • There's Much Better Alternatives
  • Missing Key Testosterone Boosting Ingredients
  • No Vitamins Or Minerals
  • Low Dosage Of The Ingredients That Are There
  • You Haven't Bought It Yet? 
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What's In Test Boost Max?

The most important thing to look at when starting our Test Boost Max review was what's in the product. And as far as ingredients go, Test Boost Max offers a relatively uninspiring middle of the road product. This would be fine, if it wasn't priced along side other more premium test boosters like Prime Male. 

So, let's start with the good bits, or at least the ok bits: 

American panax ginseng is a solid pick for a test booster, well studied, it increases blood flow as well as boosting testosterone levels [1], ginseng makes it into a lot of good t boosters. 

Ashwaganda is another solid choice, not only does it have stress hormone cortisol reducing effects, but it's shown to help increase testosterone production, with men showing 10-22% increase in testosterone when supplementing with 3grams per day [2]. It was also shown to increase sperm count. The problem with Test Boost Max however, is that it only has 600mg, which is substantially lower than the optimum. This is likely due to a different study which had reasonable results with this volume, but it was small and other studies have performed worse with less than 3grams a day. When most testosterone boosters in this price range use ashwagandha they try to get closer to the ideal dosage. 

Tribulus terrestris however is where things start to go down hill, some studies have shown it to be effective in humans, but most studies only show increased male hormone production in animals, and even those aren't great, as such it's been removed from a lot of competitor products. It does however seem to help with depressed T levels that have come as a result of recent stress, showing some benefits over a period of 6 weeks, although the effects did not last beyond that specific case. This is less of a great ingredient for testo boost max. [3]

Cordyceps mushroom - The studies that verify it's effectiveness used 2400mg per day, test boost max uses 20mg per day. This dosage speaks for itself and it's largely there to add one more ingredient to the label. [4]

Hawthorn berry extract - In theory hawthorn berry can improve blood flow, but it's relatively unconfirmed. The idea being that it could improve sexual performance, but there isn't enough evidence to support it. And whilst this is one of the reasons people take T boosters, it doesn't actually do anything to raise testosterone levels. [5]

Longjack, or Tongkat Ali is again fine, but the studies that actually backed up its usage used dosages of around 200mg a day, which again Test Boost Max doesn't come close to. [6] Again another negative point for our Test Boost Max review. 

Horny Goat Weed is mostly a libido supplement, added in to improve sexual function, but the studies are sparse and once again the dosage is not nearly high enough in testboost max. [7]

In short Test Boost Max misses some of the most effective ingredients, and has too little of the good ingredients that it does have to do much to help you build muscle mass and raise test levels.

Test Boost Max Review: Honest Conclusion

It's not great, it's middling, and it's priced to compete with better options, if this was a budget test booster that would be one thing, but priced at $41 a bottle, plus shipping, it's going up against some of the best options available for only $10 more. Even if it wasn't for that however the Test Boost Max complaints about billing issues should be more than enough to put people off. And in light of these issues we have reduced Test Boost Max's value score to 1. 

We can't recommend Test Boost Max, whilst it would have some positive effect the low dosages of the best ingredients and core ingredients missing mean it's not worth your money. Pick something from our best test booster list instead and you'll be glad that you spend the extra couple of bucks and got something that actually works.  

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 4/10
Muscle Growth 4/10
Mood 4/10
Libidio 4/10
Value 1/10
Recommended 3/10

Test Boost Max Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Test Boost Max.

How To Take Test Boost Max?

They say to take 3 capsules a day, but there is no instructions on how or when to take them, we would generally recommend taking no more than two at a time and not on an empty stomach. This would line up with avoiding side effects and other similar blended testosterone boosters. 

Test Boost Max Customer Reviews 

It was quite hard to find test boost max reviews, in general the ones we found we either obviously fake, sponsored or middle of the road. 

What About Test Boost Max Side Effects?

Test Boost Max should be safe, all the ingredients are well researched and the formula is public. Any side effects should be minor, some test boost max reviews have noted minor stomach discomfort, but it seems those customers took 3 at a time.

Fact Checked By Dr Mark Watson MD

Dr Mark Watson is the founder of Center TRT, having graduated from stamford more than 20 years ago, he is an expert in the field of supplemental health, focusing on long term benefits of complimenary treatment. View Profile


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