Editorial Team

Got a tip for the writing team at TRTHealth

Dr Mark Watson MD

Lead Editor


Dr Mark Watson is the founder of TRTHealth, having graduated from stamford more than 20 years ago, he is an expert in the field of supplemental health, focusing on long term benefits of complimenary treatment.

He has worked as a consultant on the production of several health supplements and has been involved in dozens of research pieces into the effects of organic and natural remedies for health conditions. Specialising in joints, brain and hormone related supplementation.

Dr B Lee MD

Weight Management Editor


Dr Lee has worked for multiple weight management charities, founded several and has 100s of pieces of research and peer reviewed publications. 

He is considered a leading light in fighting the obesit crisis.

Matthew Smith MSc

Nutrition Editor


Matt Smith has a masters in nutrition, and a long history as a personal trainer. 

Contributing to the TRThealth team with his practical real world experience that complements some of our more research focused team members.