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About Male Enhancement Pills

Natural male enhancement pills have something of an unfortunate reputation. It's not really all too surprising, there's an awful lot of products on the market that promise the world and in many cases the quite frankly impossible, whilst delivering in many cases nothing at all. That's not to say that there are absolutely zero natural supplements that can have an impact and improve sexual performance, libido, sperm quality or boost testosterone production. In fact there are quite a few things that can actually help with these issues. There's just a relatively low number of ingredients that have been proven to work in human studies and this is what we'll be looking for as we rank the best male enhancement pill. We're should also say that we're only looking at natural male enhancement pills for this list.


Prime Male Enhance - Best Male Enahancement Pills Overall

- Best Male Enhancement Supplements For Sperm Health

Male Extra
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Performer 8
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Prosolution Plus
- Best For Erectile Issues

What We Look For In The Best Male Enhancement Pill

When it comes to choosing what's best we selected a male enhancement supplement that is best for each of the common reasons that people will look for male enhancement pills and one that we ranked as the best overall.So what do we look for:

Improve sexual performance (blood flow, sensitivity, energy etc)
Improved libido (improved desire, stress reduction)
Premature ejaculation (not in all pills, but in those specialised)
Erectile dysfunction (improvements, male enhancers are unlikely to cure the most common cause which is psychological, aside from improving mood regulation and stress relief)
Semen Quality (volume, overall testicle health, fertility)
Customer Reviews

We avoid proprietary blends as these are typically low quality misleading supplements and in some cases actively dangerous.We can also attest to have trialled all of these pills ourselves. However, this is of course a relatively small sample size, and we can only report on the improvements experienced by the Center TRT team. We cannot, report on whether or not these male enhancement products are effective at resolving issues that we do not ourselves suffer from and are in these cases are reliant on clinical studies, scientific knowledge and verified customer reviews.

Best Male Enhancement Pills FAQ

The most commonly asked questions we found whilst looking for the best male enhancement supplements

Do Male Enhancement Pills Work?

Well, yes and no, it really depends on the claims, if they're claiming to alter the size of your manhood, then the answer is no. If they're claiming that they can raise testosterone levels, bolster libido, improve sexual performance and sperm count then the answer is that they actually can do this. Particularly those that focus on the few well studied vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts such as B Vitamins [1], Zinc [2], Ginsenosides [3] (from Ginseng), Maca [4] and the like.

How Do Male Enhancement Pills Work?

Typically speaking the best male enhancement pills work by combining several effective options to treat a variety of male sexual health issues. This tends to be with a combination of vitamins (to address deficiencies which can cause erectile dysfunction), well studied herbal extracts, that have clinically trialled and understood active ingredients like Ginsenosides.

Are Male Enhancement Pills Safe?

All of the products on our best male enhancement pills list are safe. However, there have been several cases of manufacturers hiding viagra or other ingredients in their pills [5] to make them more effective. So, not all male enhancement pills should be trusted. We have tested everything on our list, and all the manufacturers use factories that are compliant with FDA guidelines and are cGMP complaint.

Are Male Enhancement Pills FDA Regulated?

No, only the clinical side of the male enhancement industry is FDA regulated. However, there are guidelines which all natural supplements must abide by and the individual ingredients have to be approved for human consumption. There are stricter regulations around this in Europe, so a good indicator of product quality is it being available on the European market. Again all of the examples on our list meet EU, UK and US guidelines.

Best Male Enhancement Pill Ingredients

There really aren't that many ingredients that actually work well for male enhancement pills. There's a lot of overlap with the testosterone booster market, which makes sense as low testosterone levels can lead to sexual desire being reduced and other issues that would lead a man to seek out a male enhancement pill.

Maca - Maca is the king of male enhancement ingredients. Realistically it belongs in pretty much every male enhancement pill. It's been incredibly well studied and been shown to improve sexual desire, and is incredibly beneficial to sperm quality.

Saw Palmetto - Saw Palmetto has been shown to have positive effects on both testosterone and sperm count. It slows testosterone breakdown in the body, and leads to increased sperm production.

Muira Puama - Muira Puama contains "sterols" which are the building blocks of sex hormones. It's also been shown to relax the corpus cavernosa (this is where blood is held to maintain erections) and as a result has been demonstrated to improve erection quality. Some studies have also shown that it increases the intensity of orgasms, although most of these studies were in women.

L-Arginine (HCL) - Researchers found that in participants with low libido, 60% of participants reported that L-arginine supplementation improved their sexual desires vs 20% in the placebo group. Meta analysis shows that multiple studies have replicated the effects, to varying degrees of success, but overall HCL seems to be effective at raising libido.

Damiana Leaf - Damania has been shown to improve sexual stamina and pleasure in men and women. It largely seems to impact the bladder, and has been typically used as treatment for bladder issues. It also has a notable effect on libido and drive through it's neurological effects. However, Damania leaf should be consumed sparingly as some people have reported hallucinations at doses over 200mg.

Panax Ginseng - Second only to Maca in terms of it's place in the best male enhancement pills, Panax Ginseng (not to be confused with American Ginseng, which does contain some of the same Ginosides, but not all) has a host of robust studies detailing the benefits it has on male sexual performance, overall health, and testosterone production. We rank it as one of the better ingredients to appear in male enhancement supplements not just because of the fact it's had numerous double blind trials confirming it's efficacy, negligible negative responses, but because it's actually one of the more effective ingredients that can improve male sexual health on the list to boot.

Tribulus Terrestris - Studies have shown that Tribulus supplements have resulted in "significant" increase intracavernous pressure, meaning that it increases the blood flow in a way that improves erection quality. It has also been tested as a libido booster, oddly enough in both men and women and was shown to result in substantial improvement. There have been studies that have shown that Tribulus interacts with luteinizing hormones which regulates the production of male hormones.

Zinc - Even low levels of zinc deficiency, which effects 12% of men in the USA, will cause low testosterone levels, supplementation was shown to reverse these issues leading to increases in libido and sperm health.

Selenium - Selenium has a proven effect on sperm health, men with low fertility and even a minor deficiency saw marked improvement after supplementation. Deficiency in this mineral is relatively common as it isn't consumed in many modern diets. Supplementing didn't work for all men, but, with 56% of men with fertility issues seeing a return to normal fertility levels, it's very important for fertility, sperm mobility and overall sperm health.

Horny Goat Weed - Typically used to treat erectile dysfunction or low libido, most of the evidence supports the former rather than the later, it also seems to have some potential uses in improving cardiovascular health. Improving cardiovascular health, improves blood flow, which of course improves erection quality, which is likely to make men feel more confident and raise libido due to this. As a result many male enhancement pills use the aptly named horny goat weed.

B Vitamins - B Vitamins are essential for testicular health, as such it is quite useful to include in male enhancement supplements B12 has been proven to effect sperm quality in men, and b6 regulates sex hormones. As a result supplementation has a positive effect on both of these issues.

Ashwagandha - Ashwagandha has two major benefits when included in male enhancement pills, the first being it's testosterone boosting effects and the second being it's ability to reduce cortisol build up. With the stress being the primary factor in most cases of erectile dysfunction, reducing cortisol levels (the stress hormone) can lead to substantial improvement.

There are some other specific ingredients that can be used to achieve more specific effects, but as a whole this should cover the best male enhancement pill ingredients.