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What are Green Powders

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What Are Greens Powders?

Greens powders have rapidly become the biggest health trend in the last few years, and it seems pretty intuitive that drinking your greens is a pretty simple way to make sure you get your recommended daily intake. 

Unfortunately not all greens powder supplements are created equal, as such we break down the best greens powders on the market today, scoring for taste, nutritional content, use of digestive enzymes, quality of ingredients and value. 

We'll as always knock points off for proprietary blends, which some companies... athletic greens, for example, insist on using, despite this being something of a faux pas in the health sector these days. People like to know what they're putting in their bodies, who knew? So let's get down to finding out who makes the best greens powder. 


Super Green Tonik
- Best Greens Powder Overall

Kittie Greens
- Best Super Greens For Women

Spruce Greens
- Best  Super Green Powder For Men

Live it Up Greens - Best Value Greens Powder

8Greens - Best Greens Pill

- Most Popular Greens Powder

- Best For Athletes

Garden of Life - Best Organic Greens Powder

What Do The Best Greens Powders Do?

The best greens powders on the market help you make sure you get all the nutrients you need in a day as well as extra fiber, healthy bacteria and a lot of other good things that you wouldn’t just get from a multivitamin. They are of course a bit more expensive than that option. Greens powders are however more readily absorbed by the body as they’re a lot closer to how we should ingest our nutrients. Most advocates use them as a way to make sure that they cover all bases rather than as a way or replacing fruits and vegetables. 

Best Greens Powder FAQ

What Are Greens Powders? What Do You Need To Know?

What’s in The Best Greens Powders?  

The best greens powders generally contain quite a wide range of ingredients, some of the better ones are Spirulina, barley grass, leafy greens and then typically things vary depending on the purpose of the greens powder itself.

Are Greens Powders Safe? 

All the products on our best greens powder list are 100% safe, with the exception of allergens.

How To Take Greens Powders

Generally most greens powders are as simple as add a scoop to water and shake, although a lot of people do prefer to blend them into fruit juice for a better taste.

Health Benefits Of Greens Powder

Generally speaking the most well known health benefits are a boosted immune system, cognitive improvements and chronic illness improvements, although the claims on the latter may be a little bit overblown.

Best Greens Powder Overall: Supergreen Tonik

Supergreen Tonik is not one of the best known greens powders on this list, but it is by far the best, packed with premium quality ingredients, proven to boost immunity, cognitive function and reduce anxiety, it's perfect for modern life, beyond simply making sure that you get your required micronutrients. 

It mixes well with fruit juices as well as water (unlike some competitor products) and as greens powders go tastes pretty good. The flavor options are pretty solid with berry coming in as our preference.

It goes above and beyond the normal supergreens offering an additional blend of herbal extracts that improve brain health and function, and boost your immune system, normally reserved for far more expensive supplements and not included in the other greens powders on the market. 


Supergreen Tonik meets almost all of your micronutrient requirements, meaning you should be good for the whole day, it's one of the better options on this list, packed with leafy greens, digestive enzymes and nutrients it's no surprise it's made it to the top of our list. Boating heaps of spinach, spirulina, collards, barley grass and more, it's a clear winner. The barley grassy taste is relatively mild making it a great mixer. It also comes in a fair bit cheaper than the likes of AG1, which is always a nice plus. As expected, it's great for your gut health, and we also noticed that it was particularly gentle on the stomach, with no bloating, no artificial sweeteners, just a solid greens powder blend, with a great taste. It's also the best greens powder for anxiety by far, with a whole host of ingredients you'd normally find in nootropic supplements, like ashwaghanda (proven to significantly reduce stress) [1] and ginko root, which helps emotional regulation [2]. It also contains L Theanine, which promotes calming without drowsiness [3] and Bacopa. 

If all that wasn't enough it hits all the standarrd areas that the rest of the greens powders on our list manage, such as barley, spinanch and the like, and then goes on to add in a host of immune boosting ingredients like garlic and dandelion extracts. Lastly topping it off with bioperine (black pepper extract) which helps the body aborb larger amounts of vitamins in one go. Again, something that's normally missed entirely by supergreens and left to more highly priced and less natural capsuled supplements. 

On top of all that, it's certified usda organic. It's a great option and we can't recommend it enough.

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Pros Cons
- Good Value
- Contains Everything In The Competitors And More
- Tastes Great
- Only Available From Their Website
- Limited Flavor Selection
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Category Score
Flavor 9/10
Nutrition 10/10
Ingredients 10/10
Value 10/10
Customer Ratings 10/10
Overall 10/10

Direct comparison of all Greens Powders Reviewed

We know, there’s a whole bunch of reviews to go through one by one if you want to make an informed buying decision for the best greens powders available to you. In order to speed up that process, here’s a brief summary of the greens powders reviewed on our best list page to make it quick and easy for you to decide for one:

Comparing the various greens powder products in the above table, we can see that there is a range of factors to consider when choosing a greens powder that best suits your needs. 

For example, some products such as Athletic Greens, Supergreen Tonik, and AG1 contain a high number of ingredients including vegetables, fruits, herbs, mushrooms, and probiotics. In contrast, products such as Garden of Life and Enso have fewer ingredients but still provide a range of vitamins and minerals. This is where we get our ingredients and nutritional value scores from. 

Taste is another key aspect in determining which greens powder to choose. While each product has its unique taste, the reviews show that Supergreen Tonik, 8Greens, and Nested Naturals Super Greens have a slightly sweet taste compared to Athletic Greens and Garden of Life Perfect Food that have a more earthy, grassy taste. Although there’s plenty of ways to improve the taste of powders by adding flavor, fruit and what not, having a pleasant natural taste “out of the box” obviously scores more points in rating. 

Price point is obviously crucial as well. Products like Athletic Greens and Total Living Drink Greens come at a higher price point than products like Nested Naturals and Garden of Life. 

And even though in many cases price is a good quality indicator, in regards to green powders its almost ridiculous how often the better powders are lower priced than those spending thousands on advertising all over the world (not to name any specific brand but *cough* AG1…). 

Lastly, the quality of the ingredients and the manufacturing process are also factors to consider when choosing a greens powder. Products such as Athletic Greens, Green Vibrance, and Nested Naturals are made with high-quality, organic ingredients that are certified non-GMO and vegan. 

Overall, the choice between these greens powders will depend on individual preferences and needs. Reading and understanding the labels, comparing prices, and taking personal health goals into consideration are crucial when deciding on which greens powder to choose. 

What Ingredients Make The Best Green Powder Blend

There’s a lot of options that could go into greens supplements as most of us are missing quite a few nutrients with the west at large not having a healthy diet. So here’s a few things you can look out for in superfood powders.    


We all know what spinach is, arguably king of the green superfoods. It’s low calorie, high in protein, but it’s also high in vitamin E and magnesium which helps defend your body from toxins. [5] 

Wheat Grass 

Not many of the greens powders contain wheatgrass, but it’s high in antioxidants and vitamins such as glutathione, vit c and e. It’s also incredibly low in calories and has been shown to have free radical scavenging effects [6]. 

Vitamins and Minerals 

It goes without saying that you want your supergreens to be packed with vitamins and minerals to help promote overall health. The best green juice however will be particularly rich in vitamin D seeing as this is the most common deficiency in the USA effecting nearly half the adult population [7]. 

No Added Sugars 

Typically speaking most of the good super greens are naturally sweetened, although a few do have added sugars, this is something to watch out for as the calories can stack up if you’re not being careful with your green juice selection. 


Less well known outside of green supplements, Spirulina is popular in a lot of super greens. It comes with a host of health benefits that you’d expect from a green superfood. It’s high in nutrients, particularly b vitamin, is a powerful anti inflammatory containing a large amount of phycocyanin which can fight free radicals [8]. It can lower cholesterol and bad LDL with just one gram a day [9] and can even improve Allergic Rhinitis.

How We Chose The Best Greens Powders

Nutrient Profile Analysis: Our first step was to dissect the nutrient profiles of various greens powders. We meticulously examined the types and amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients present in each product. We also paid attention to the specific nutrients that are important to you, such as vitamin K for bone health or vitamin C for immune support making sure that the manufacturers claims match the ingredients.

Ingredient Sourcing: We delved into the sources of ingredients. Quality and origin matter, so we favored products with organic, non-GMO ingredients that were sustainably sourced whenever possible.

Quality of Ingredients - Check the quality of the ingredients used in the greens powder. Look for organic and non-GMO options that are free from artificial additives, fillers, and preservatives. It's also important to ensure that the ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers.

Taste and Texture - Since you'll be consuming the greens powder regularly, it's essential to choose a product with a taste and texture that you enjoy. Some powders may have a strong, grassy flavor, while others are more palatable and can be easily mixed into smoothies or other beverages.

Third-Party Testing - To ensure the safety and efficacy of the greens powder, look for products that undergo third-party testing. This testing verifies that the product contains what it claims and is free from contaminants or harmful substances. Look for certifications from reputable organizations like NSF or ConsumerLab.

Customer Reviews and Ratings - Take the time to read customer reviews and ratings of different greens powders. This can provide valuable insights into the taste, effectiveness, and overall customer satisfaction with the product. Look for reviews from individuals with similar health goals or dietary preferences.

Price and Value - Consider your budget when choosing a greens powder. Compare the price per serving of different products to determine which offers the best value for money. Keep in mind that higher-priced options may contain more premium ingredients or undergo additional testing.


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