Nugenix Total T Review

Is Nugenix Total T Any Good?

Nugenix Total T Review: Is Nugenix Any Good?

Nugenix Total T is a food supplement marketed as a testosterone booster. It is aimed at men that want improve their lean muscle mass and to boost and better sustain their performance during intercourse. Like many T boosters, it makes some pretty big claims, but does Nugenix Total T really work? Short answer, not really.

We decided to take a closer look at Nugenix Total T and its ingredients to see if it contains anything special that is backed up with solid science. According to Nugenix, Total T's eight key ingredients that help to boost both free and total testosterone. And Nugenix Total T claims will help increase your strength and energy for better exercise performance and endurance. Sadly, Nugenix Total T doesn't really deliver. It will have benefits, but not much more than a multivitamin or a testosterone booster half it's price. 

It's not one of our favourite test boosters by a long shot, and compared to other products in it's price range it has a very outdated formula. The short version is, it's OK, if it was 2012, and testosterone supplements weren't so well studied, but now it's overpriced and it doesn't stack up well against other test boosters in it's price range. We'd recommend you select something that suits your needs from our best testosterone boosters list instead.

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Who Makes Nugenix Total T?

The company behind this product is Adaptive Health, LLC, which claims to be a science-based product development leader.  Adaptive Health has also developed and released several branded health products, including Dr Sinatra, Dr Whitaker, Dr Williams, Instaflex, Peptiva, Sleep Answer, and Trilene.    

With such a long and respected history of creating effective health products, it was highly anticipated that Nugenix Total T would carry on delivering a high-performance product. Unfortunatley it seems that they went for a very old fashioned blend and hoped to trade more on the Nugenix brand name than the actual supplement itselfs. This seems to be pretty common with their products and Nugenix Total T is no exception.  

The company have based the formulation around scientifically proven and clinically trialled naturally-sourced ingredients, but they have not used the most effective options in what we can only assume was a cost cutting measure. The product contains no licenced drugs or artificial stimulants to help boost testosterone production. Nugenix also make a fat burner, you can read our Nugenix Thermo Review here.

Nugenix Total T Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about nugenix.

Does Nugenix Total T Work?

The ingredients do have some positives and it definitely will work better than taking nothing if your diet isn't up to scratch, but there's way better options on the market, testofuel got our number one spot on the best list, you can read our testofuel review here.

Is Nugenix Total T Safe?

Yes, nugenix is safe, the ingredients are all natural, and whilst it isn't specifically regulated by the FDA the factories in which it's produced are.

While Nugenix Total T is a well-known testosterone booster, it is important to consider potential Nugenix total T side effects. Some components of the supplement are used in low doses, which may limit their effectiveness in raising healthy testosterone levels. For example, B vitamins, present in Nugenix Total-T, should be consumed in moderate amounts to avoid adverse effects such as vomiting, nausea, and skin irritation. Moreover, using Nugenix Total-T to raise testosterone levels may lead to mood swings, hostility, male pattern baldness, and excessive body hair growth. The inappropriate dosing of various ingredients further raises concerns regarding the overall safety of Nugenix Total-T.

How To Take Nugenix Total T?

Nugenix Total T comes in easy to swallow capsule format. It is recommended to take three capsules per day with or without food.

When we looked at the customer feedback, some people complained of an upset stomach, lightheadedness or digestive issues when taking this product.

If you have a sensitive stomach, it is always recommended to take any food supplements with food, preferably with a large meal, to resolve these issues.

We also suggest that you give this testosterone booster at least three months to measure your results.

Where To Buy Nugenix Total T?

Each bottle of Nugenix Total-T contains 90 capsules, intended for a one-month supply. You can purchase Total-T from Nugenix's official Amazon page or directly from their website at The pricing for this supplement is straightforward, with a single price option of $69.99 per bottle. If you would like to try the supplement before committing to a full bottle, there is a 14-day trial period available on their site. Additionally, Nugenix offers a 30-day full money-back guarantee with each purchase. Although a lot of reviews on trustpilot and other sites complain that this is not honored.

What About Nugenix Total T Customer Reviews?

For the most part it seems like they agree with us, it's not worth the money. Reviews tend to come in around the 3* mark on average. The marketing claims made by nugenix are overblown and this probably adds to the larger portion of their unsatisfied customers.

There have been a lot more 4* and 5* reviews of Nugenix on Amazon in the last couple of months, it is possible that they are running some sort of active campaign to improve their reviews. 

Nugenix Total T Reviews On Trustpilot

Most of the verified nugenix reviews on Trust Pilot were incredibly negative. There were a lot of complaints about the free trial not being cancellable and billing issues. Along with the product simply not working.

Nugenix Total T Reddit Reviews

This was probably the least favorable set of reviews for nugenix online. Aside from the ones that had obviously been placed by their marketing team the majority were overwhelmingly negative. 

Amazon reviews are a lot easier to manipulate, and also tend to be the area that companies focus on. As a result we tend to put more weight in trust pilot and reddit reviews that aren't obvioulsy promoting a different product.

What is in Nugenix Total T?

The ingredients include a range of proven natural testosterone boosters, two of the stand outs being Longjak and Boron. And whilst there's nothing wrong with these ingredients, we're missing far more effective ones. On the bright side these are both well known to regulate the body's natural estradiol and testosterone production. We've got a more detailed breakdown of the ingredients below:

Boron: A trace mineral with multiple roles in testosterone production and a healthy metabolism. It is essential for the growth and maintenance of bone tissue, wound healing and vitamin D utilisation. Boron also helps to boost free testosterone levels, and supplementing it can help raise free testosterone levels by nearly 25% [1]. This is because it binds to estradiol, which is a natural estrogenic hormone produced by the body, but it does suppress testosterone production. You can reduce estradiol production by up to half by taking supplemental boron. We did like that the dosage of 10mg does match with the amount used in clinical trials and even some of the best testosterone pills seem to come in a little under this. Unfortunately this is one of the few things Nugenix Total T actually gets right.

Eurycoma Longifolia Extract (longjack)
: More commonly known as Tongkat Ali. It is known for its aphrodisiac effects and how it can enhance male fertility, improve spermatogenesis, and boosts testosterone production. [2] Supplementing Tongkat Ali may boost male fertility and improve body composition, so it is a valuable ingredient for enhancing your results in the gym. Boosting your natural testosterone levels can help improve sexual performance, increase muscle gain, and raise your energy levels. It's also often used as a herbal remedy used in traditional Southeast Asian medicine for centuries to treat fevers, bacterial infections, and erectile dysfunction. 

L-Citrulline Malate:
The benefits of this ingredient is two-fold. It is known to improve nitric oxide production in the body, increasing blood flow and nutrient delivery to the muscles, and according to the International Journal of Urology [3] it is effective in improving erectile function. However, it's not really the best amino acid to include in a test booster, typically we'd want to see L-Theanine or DAA's instead of L-Citrulline, which is the cheaper option and likely why nugenix chose this option. 

Fenugreek: Fenugreek tends to make it into most of the best test boosters, it is one of the cheaper ingredients in them mind, but it's good to see it in nugenix total T. 

Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is involved in natural testosterone and steroid utilisation. Those low in B6 can experience a reduced rate of testosterone synthesis. B6 deficiency significantly reduces the circulating concentration of testosterone in the body. However, if you already have enough B6, overlaoding isn't going to do much, and it's in most energy supplements and pre work outs. B6 also has a few tangental benefits for mood and energy improvement.

In the US up to 40% of diets are deficient in zinc. A deficiency that is known to cause hypogonadism in men. In zinc-deficient subjects, there is a decrease in serum testosterone levels. In clinical tests, zinc supplementation played a significant role in boosting serum testosterone levels. However, zinc has been shown not to increase test levels in people without a deficiency. It's a decent inclusion for Nugenix Total T and makes it into a lot of quality testosterone boosters. 

All in all this formulation feels like it should belong in a product at half the price point, and our Nugenix Total T review isn't going to get much better. 

Nugenix Total T Pros And Cons

The ingredients formulation isn't too bad on Nugenix Total T, but there are a few things that we don't like, mostly it's the dosages. The inclusion of boron in this formulation is one of the biggest positives for the product, but many of the ingredients are simply not in high enough volumes to have the desired effect.     

The science-based ingredients used in Nugenix Total T have all been clinically studied. They may raise your libido, improve your sex drive, and boost your performance levels and feeling of satisfaction.     

If you are looking for supplementation that can help to boost natural testosterone levels without resorting to taking anabolic steroids to improve muscle gain, the formula used in this product may support muscle building and strength gains.     

On the downside, although Nugenix Total T does include zinc in the formulation, in our opinion, it is highly underdosed. The product only contains 1 mg per dose, but 11 mg per day is the recommended level. Unless you are sourcing extra zinc from your diet, you may not be getting enough.   Your body doesn't store zinc, so you need to eat enough zinc-rich foods every day to meet your daily requirements. Men need 11 mg of zinc per day, so try to eat plenty of meat and seafood. Red meat is an excellent source of zinc and can be found in ample amounts in beef, lamb and pork.     

A 100-gram (3.5-ounce) serving of raw beef mince contains 4.8 mg of zinc is 44% of the recommended daily value. Oysters, a well-known aphrodisiac, has exceptionally high amounts, with six medium oysters providing 32 mg or 291% of the daily recommended amount.    

Another issue we have with the formulation is that it doesn't include other important testosterone boosting ingredients such as vitamin D and magnesium, both of which are important in the production and utilisation of testosterone, a lot of Nugenix Total T's best competitors do include this in the formulation.  

It's also missing D-Aspartic Acid, an ingredient that makes it into most T boosters at even a slightly higher price point due to the amino acids efficacy. And lastly Ashwagandha is missing, this like DAA is probably slightly too expensive to include in Nugenix Total T. In the better testosterone boosters it tends to be included instead of longjack.

Nugenix Total T Review Conclusion

Nugenix Total T is marketed primarily as a testosterone booster to help men improve their sexual performance and increase muscle growth. However, almost every testosterone booster at this price point does it better and an awful lot of customers Total T reviews seem to agree with our experience.

Ingredients such as boron are clinically proven to regulate testosterone levels. And even though Nugenix Total T does get some of the ingredients right the recommended dosages are far too low.  

For it's price point Nugenix Total T is n bad testosterone booster, it prices itself similarly to the likes of Testofuel, Prime Male and Testogen which are all infinitely better options. The Nugenix Total T formula looks like something from the mid 2000s before testosterone boosters were so well studied. 

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