Kittie PMS Supplement Review

Does Kittie Work?

Kittie is the most comprehensive PMS supplement by a long way.

Kittie is a dietary supplement designed to help women avoid or treat the PMS symptoms that commonly occur during their period. A very high quality and reasonably priced product, it contains absolutely no allergens or artificial additives, so can be used by virtually all women. So far we'd say it's definitely the best product of it's type we've seen and odds are if Kittie doesn't work for you then no supplement is going to do any better.

The Kittie formula uses only 100 percent natural ingredients and consists of lactobacillus paragasseri, evening primrose powder, vitamin e, vitamin b6, ginkgo biloba, chasteberry extract, 10:1 ginger extract, iron, vitamin d, 5-htp, ginseng extract, and magnesium glycinate.

Each ingredient in the formula has been proven to treat at least one PMS symptom, while most are proven to offer many benefits for women during their period. They are then also present in their optimal dosages, so will offer maximum benefits, without putting you at risk of side effects.

Admittedly, being quite a new product means that Kittie is a little harder to analyse, as less people have had the opportunity to use it and leave a customer review. However, even this does not appear to be too big of an issue, as most people who have already used it absolutely love it. 

As a result, we have come to the conclusion that Kittie is a truly great and effective product. We comfortably feel that it is the very best supplement a woman can use to help them safely avoid developing any PMS symptoms while they are going through their period each month.

They do also provide a PMS chocolate, which is a pretty solid product, but not the focus of this review. If you're interested as a quick aside we recommed the orange flavor as that is the best tasting of the two on offer.

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Kittie PMS Customer Reviews

When looking for customer reviews from past users of Kittie, we encountered the only issue that we have found with the product. This is that, as it is such a new supplement, reviews from people who have actually tried the product are few and far between and very hard to come by.

However, while having limited access to past customer reviews does make a supplement a little harder to analyse, it is to be expected and does not mean that the product can’t still be great. There is a lot of talk on social media, and the girls talking about it are all incredibly possitive although there's a lot more talk about the chocolate, which isn't too surprising with it being a social media friendly product.

In fact, the reviews that we did manage to find from past customers were virtually all glowing and suggested that Kittie truly could combat virtually all PMS symptoms and make going through your period a much smoother and less stressful event.

There were also compliments made regarding the quality and price of the supplement as well.

This, combined with our own research and the scientific evidence available, leads us to believe that Kittie truly is an extremely effective PMS supplement, and we expect that its reputation will only continue to grow as more and more women actually get to try it for themselves.

Kittie PMS Supplement Review Conclusion

While getting your period can be a very different experience for every woman, it can often be a very stressful time of the month, due to the wide range of PMS symptoms that may arise. Dietary supplements are a great way to ease the symptoms, but they are not all as good as each other.

After completing our own Kittie review, we feel comfortable in saying that this is the single best PMS relief supplement that we have come across. From its clinically proven ingredients and optimal dosages to a lack of any allergens, it can help virtually all women deal with PMS. 

When you then throw in that it is also very reasonably priced, made to a very high standard, and will not cause any side effects, there really is no reason for any woman who is worried about any PMS symptoms not to give it a try and see how much smoother it makes getting their period.  


Criteria Rating
Cramps 10/10
Mood Swings 10/10
Menstraul Health 10/10
Customer Satisfaction 8/10
Ingredients Quality 10/10
Value 9/10
Recommended 9/10