Andro 400 reviews

Is Andro 400 Any Good?

Andro 400 is a bit of a misnomer, there are 3 different products under this brand. The first Andro 400 "classic" is simply an incredibly overpriced longjack pill. For context a longjack or Eurycoma Longifolia supplement should typically cost about $14 for a months supply, of which Andro 400 offers no upgrade on aside from a branded packet and costs $35. As a result you can guess what the rest of their product range is going to be like. A lot of Andro 4oo reviews would tell you that they're great. And their top end product contains a lot of better ingredients. Although some are markedly dangerous. As a result Andro 400 is either a complete and utter rip off, or in the case of their Ultra T product just doesn't stack up against the best testosterone boosters that sit at the same price point. 

There is absolutely no point in getting Andro 400, as for their Max it doesn't fair much better as the added ingredients do nothing for testosterone. Andro 400 Max doesn't really fair much better, missing out on all the key ingredients we expect in the best test boosters. And as for Andro Max Ultra T, this is actually dangerous, with one of the ingredients being marked as potentially dangerous in that it could cause liver failure [1] . We do not recommend you use Andro 400 and we recommend you check out our list of safe and effective testosterone boosters

Customers Andro 400 Reviews

Customers Andro 400 reviews we rather underwhelming, as you'd expect from something that claims to be a testosterone booster, but is simply a single ingredient from one with branding thrown on it. As for customers Andro 400 Ultramax T reviews these were a little bit better, although still coming in around or below the 3* range by the averages we could find once we filtered out any fake reviews.

Is Andro 400 Max Better?

Andro 400 Max isn't much better than it's counterpart, in fact it's arguably worse as a testosterone booster as it costs more and doesn't add in anything that actually boosts testosterone levels.

Andro 400 Reviews FAQ

The most commonly asked questions we came across when researching our Andro 400 reviews

Does Andro 400 work for weight loss?

In theory Andro 400 could help with weight loss, in that if you raise testosterone levels you'll raise overall energy levels and generally burn more fat. But, it's not a dedicated weight loss supplement and there are better things available on the market for this. There are a few ingredients in their ultra version that could help with weight loss, but again there are better options available.

Is Andro 400 safe?

Yes Andro 400 is safe, the studies done have all shown there are little to no side effects and the main ingredients have not been marked as unsafe. As such there shouldn't be Andro 400 side effects. However, a lot of longjack extract has been shown to have slightly elevated levels of mercury making it unsuitable to supplemented in large doses for prolonged periods of time. Andro 400 Max Ultra T however includes Garcinia Cambogia which could potentially have some serious side effects [1]

Andro 400 Ingredients

Eurycoma Longifolia aka Longjack - This is is the backbone of all 3 of the Andro 400 products. Whilst Longjack isn't a bad test boosting ingredient, it isn't the best to make a base from. A lot of studies have shown Longjack to be effective specifically for men with low testosterone [2]. However it hasn't been shown to be particularly effective in men with normal tesosterone levels. This is why we would prefer Ashwagandha as a baseline. This is the only ingredient in Andro 400. Making the product overpriced. 

L-Arginine and L-citrulline - These are the ingredients in Andro 400 Max, and it's not surprising that Andro 400 Max reviews aren't good. Neither of the ingredients actually help boost testosterone. There were a couple of positive animal trials, but this was not replicated in humans. L-Arginine does have some stress reducing benefits. [3] As a result we do not recommend Andro 400 Max. However, these ingredients are not in either of the other two supplements.

Andro 400 UltraMax T Ingredients

Andro 400 Ultra Max T has longjack and the following list of mostly decent ingredients:

D-Aspartic Acid - This amino acid has been demonstrated to boost testosterone levels, the problem with Andro 400 UltraMax T is that it's nowhere near a large enough dosage to actually work in the case of Andro 400. 

Garcinia Cambogia - Not actually particularly useful for anything that Andro 400 and is marked as a potentially dangerous ingredient although there aren't a lot of cases of this, it's still worth noting. [1] Either way it doesn't really belong in a testosterone booster and has more potential application for weight loss. 

Acetyl-L-Carnitine - This is actually quite a good inclusion and the dosage in Andro 400 is fine. It's mostly useful for aging men rather than trained men under 50 [4]. This means it's not one of the best testosterone boosters if you're looking to build muscle mass, but is otherwise good

ForsLean - Not a good ingredient for most fat burners or for a testosterone booster, we're not sure why this is here at all. It does help break down fat cells whilst undertaking cardiovascular exercise, but only in this case and considering the other ingredient selections in Andro 400 Ultra we don't think it really fits well. 

Andro 400 also misses out on key vitamin and mineral blends which we expect to see in good testosterone boosters. For example nearly half of men in the USA are deficient in vitamin D and supplementing has been shown to raise levels by around 40%. Even a minor zinc deficiency can tank test levels and 12% of men are deficient, magnesium has similar impacts as do certain b vitamins. Then we have the likes of Ashwagandha and the levels of DAA are too low. It also misses out on effective testosterone boosting ingredients like Panax Ginseng and Fenugreek, both of which have been studied to have long term positive impact. 

Andro 400 Review Conclusion

Andro 400's lower priced products are a complete disaster. That's not to say they won't work, but the only ingredient in them that does actually raise testosterone levels costs substantially less than their product. We can't recommend Andro 400 against any of the best testosterone boosters on the market. 

Andro 400 is not a good testosterone booster, we'd generally recommend you get something with the right dosage of DAA, a good vitamin blend and Ashwaganda over longjack. We'd generally recommend Prime Male instead of Andro 400 if you're looking for an all round test booster that will help with muscle mass as well as libido. 

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