Tuscon Senior Games Intervention

The mission of the Senior Olympics is to promote health and fitness awareness, and foster the value of leading an active lifestyle among adults age 50 and over by:

Focusing attention on the importance of regular exercise as a way to achieve better health.
Providing incentive and encouragement for seniors to initiate and continue fitness activities year-round.
Promoting a positive image of the older adult in society.
Offering organized, sanctioned opportunities for seniors to interact and compete with peers.
Providing recognition for achievement within a positive atmosphere of friendship and support.
Encouraging community groups to work together toward a common goal.

You Can Download A Local Implementation Plan For Starting A Regional Senior Games Below.

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The Original program that inspired TRT's broader implentation consisted of two components—the Senior Olympic Festival and the Senior Olympic Activity Series.
The Festival, which is was originally held annually in late January and early February, is Tucson's comprehensive competition for older adults involving numerous athletic and social activities. It was initiated in 1985 as a two-day event involving approximately 200 participants. Currently, over 3,500 athletes and volunteers participate in this 10-day Festival. More than 30 sports or activities involving over 100 competitive and non-competitive events are held at numerous venues around Tucson.

The Senior Olympic Activity Series is an expansion of the Senior Olympic Festival into a year-round program of activities. Initiated in the summer of 1997, the purpose of the Series is to provide opportunities for beginner and intermediate participants to learn, to practice and to experience competition in a supportive, encouraging environment. Currently, the predominant component of this program is instructional classes—regularly scheduled learning sessions for ongoing participation.