Toxique Girl Review

Does Toxique Girl Work?

Toxique Girl Is An Adjustable But Fool Proof Rosemary And Carrier Oil All In One

So, there's a couple of things that make Toxique Girl a good rosemary product, and yes it's clean and high quality, but that's not actually where the value is here. Interestingly it's in the carrier oil that they include.

They offer 3 essential oils and argan oil in one pack, now, the rosemary, mint and castor aren't that expensive, the pure argan oil however is. Usually getting 500ml of a good argan oil will cost more than the entire Toxique Girl pack. And quite a lot more. 

Of course the natural assumption would be that it's a watered down oil like half of the Amazon brands, but no, they sent us their 3rd party lab testing certificates when we requested and honestly the product was very high quality when we tested it. So this is actually the bargain it seems like.

There's no chemical add ons it's all just the pure oils. So, no complaints.

The way it works is of course that instead of making a one-bottle blend where the individual ingredients are in too low doses because there simply isn’t enough space like most companies do, Toxique offers a bundle of four individual bottles, three of which containing natural essential oils and one containing pure Argan oil as a carrier. 

But, aside from the value, the main benefit is that it you the option of creating your own blend according to your individual needs, with the amount they give you being the max recommended to avoid scalp irritation.

So all in all, yes we can recommend Toxique.


Customers Toxique Girl Reviews

As the brand is relatively new there aren't a whole host of reviews on third party platforms as of yet, so we can't currently score Toxique higher than a 8. We try to avoid doing that until we can find at least 50-100 verified reviews. But, the reviews we could find were pretty positive and the product testers that we gave it to did report positive results after 3 months of using the product. The couple of reviews we could find were mostly on reddit as responses to people asking if the product was any good. 

There are a couple on third party sites such as the UK's SR, and again these were positive. 

We haven't found any complaints about Toxique Girl online at the time of writing. So, all in all so far so good for this. So, we gave them the max score we could until there are more verified reviews available. 

Toxique Review Conclusion

All in all Toxique hair oils are worth it for the price if not for anything else than for the huge amount of pure Argan oil. Compared to other products in the market, this one gives you an adjustable option as you have a guide of how to use the oils to their full extent on their website

Not laced with additional ingredients that do more harm than anything, this blend seems to give you an all-natural method of growing out your hair faster than usual and most importantly it is shown to improve hair density which thickens your hair. 

All in all we have to say Toxique is probably the best product of it's type we've seen. Highly recommended.

Criteria Rating
Frizz 10/10
Growth 10/10
Thickness 10/10
Customer Satisfaction 8/10
Ingredients Quality 10/10
Value 10/10
Recommended 10/10


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