T Hero Reivew: Should It Be T Villain?

Is T Hero Any Good?

T Hero is a budget testosterone booster, that, actually keeps it's claims pretty reasonable for a testosterone supplement, unlike a lot of the industry, it's a shame that even then, T Hero is likely to still fall a little short. And to be completely frank doesn't really stand up all to well as a budget option. We'd recommend that you check out any of the testosterone boosters from our best testosterone boosters list over this product and whilst customers T Hero reviews may look relatively positive, the T booster industry isn't exactly beyond faking a few of these to look good.

Whilst T Hero isn't going to do you testosterone levels any harm, in fact it will likely do some good, is simply isn't going to be anywhere near as effective as those that include DAA or Fenugreek, and with Ashwaganda being the only important ingredient that tends to make it into the better products on the market, there's a lot more you can get from your testosterone supplements if you look elsewhere.

What Does T Hero Claim To Do?

T Hero claims that it contains several ingredients that will aid testosterone levels by including multiple ingredients that reduce the dietary risk factors of low testosterone levels. As well as including ingredients that will help the body produce more.

Whilst this may sound like a reasonable claim, and a lot of test boosters on the market actually do this, T Hero doesn't actually include any of these vitamins or minerals. It may have some that are available in trace amounts through the blend of ingredients, but not in a large enough volume to see any health benefits. The obvious missing options are vitamin D, (in which nearly half the population is deficient) and has been shown to result in almost 50%[1] testosterone gains when this deficiency is dealt with, Zinc, which was shown to result in dramatically increased testosterone levels in deficient men[2] and magnesium.

Improving these areas would allow them to make realistic claims on improving the free testosterone levels that can lead to improvements in lean muscle mass, improved mood and other male health benefits. But, they seem to fall into the trap a lot of budget testosterone boosting supplements fall into. And that is, trying to limit the dosage to 2 capsules a day, and thus our T Hero reviews will not be all too positive.

Customers T Hero Reviews

T Hero reviews were actually quite positive, although in some cases this was definitely a case of placebo effect, especially when it comes to the claims around curing erectile dysfunction. Which is typically more of a psychological issue than anything to do with testosterone levels. Overall drive can be a result of low testosterone levels, but free testosterone should not effect it in general. That all said, there's also clearly a lot of paid for reviews of T Hero as well, although we did as best we could to filter these out. In filtering these out, it would take T hero's amazon average down from 4* to around 3* which still isn't the wost average for a testosterone booster, but it's not great either. 

There were relatively few reports of T hero side effects, although a lot of customers did specifically say that they didn't notice as much of a difference in taking T Hero vs what they noticed with other testosterone boosters.

T Hero reviews on reddit were relatively limited, we found a couple of people asking about it and several responses saying that it wasn't their favorite testosterone booster, but no detailed review.

At time of writing T hero does not have a dedicated Trust Pilot or Better Business Bureau profile.


  • Cheap
  • Should work a bit


  • Misses essential vitamins
  • Misses most effective ingredients
  • Low dosage of the ingredients it does contain
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Is T Hero Any Good For Anything?

It could make an effective paperweight? Maybe? Although the bottles are so light on ingredients we doubt even that. Jokes aside, the dosage of Ashwaganda could have some benefits, more and more studies keep confirming it's efficacy. But, that's something positive at least.

T Hero Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about T Hero.

How To Take T Hero?

T Hero advises that you take 2 capsules a day, on capsule twice daily. They're relatively low dosed so this is no reason to suspect any side effects and the T Hero reviews online seem to suggest this is the case.

What About T Hero Side Effects?

There shouldn't be any side effects from T Hero, excluding allergy issues, as the dosages are relatively low and the ingredients well tested for human consumption. 

T Hero Ingredients

Ashwagandha 600m - Ashwaganda is pretty well studied and we'd talked a lot about it in reviews of other supplements that claim to boost testosterone levels, it does work, and has benefits for mood as well as other positives beyond boosting testosterone levels. This is pretty much the one thing T Hero got right and it's all down hill from here. 

Shiljat 200mg - Shiljat has been shown to be beneficial in one study[3] however, this was in higher dosages and only conducted in a study of men over 55. The issue we have isn't the ingredients potential, but the study size was also relatively small (around 30 men), so this could simply be circumstantial and the study has yet to be clinically repeated. 

Diindolylmethane 100mg - DIM has some evidence to suggest that it helps increase estrogen metabolization, leading to increased free testosterone, but most studies involving DIM are related to prostate cancer and are not replicated in healthy men. And most references to DIM are currently tangential at best.

Boron 5mg - Boron is a solid ingredient to include in a test booster, and most of the current evidence suggests that it does have a benefit on testosterone levels, but the jury is still out as to it's level of efficacy. Also most of the better test boosters also include this ingredient, so there's nothing special here.

Bioperine 5mg - This is a waste in a test booster that's dosages are so low. Bioperine improves your bodies ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. Which, makes sense when you're going beyond normal intake levels, but not in a low dosed booster. 

Yohimbine hcl 2mg - There are some studies that back Yohimbine HCL as having benefit in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and the patients showed a nominal increase in test levels, however, these studies we're incredibly small (18 men)[4] and not placebo controlled. Which is incredibly important when testing for issues that are regularly psychological, so it's efficacy is functionally unproven.

In short T Hero's ingredients are under dosed, with a significant portion of the capsules being filled with unproven or relatively unrelated ingredients. Some, things T Hero are good. So, it could have some benefit, but it's not going raise test levels enough to have any improvements to lean muscle mass, although it could have a nominal effect on overall male health. 

T Hero Review: Honest Conclusion

We'd like to say at least it's cheap, but it's really not actually that cheap, considering that you'd likely see far more benefit from just taking a vitamin D pill in 90% of cases we can't recommend T Hero as good option as a testosterone booster. 

It's price range buts it only $10-15 less than some of the best testosterone boosters on the market. Save your money, and get something that actually works instead. 

This is an expensive placebo. In short, do not buy T Hero, other testosterone boosters have a much better dose and blend of ingredients and do everything it does and more. 

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 2/10
Muscle Growth 1/10
Mood 1/10
Libidio 2/10
Value 2/10
Recommended 1/10

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