Slam Dump Review

Does Slam Dump Work?

Hilariously Named Slam Dump Is Probably The Best Colon Cleanse Product Out Right Now

Slam Dump is a relative newcomer to the US market, but it's definitely one of the better ones. They've stuck to a straight forward formula with 5 highly dosed ingredients that are ultimately the most well backed when it comes constipation relief and regularity.

Slam Dump socre high in all the fields you'd want from a supplement like this. Occasional constipation relief, gut inflammation and bloating, detox, and promoting regularity.

We particularly liked the addition of cape aloe and cascara sagrada, two natural laxatives that will loosen your stools and help cleanse your colon. For mild constipation and promoting regularity, one capsule might be enough; but you can take 2 to get 100mg of cascara sagrada and 500mg of cape aloe in which they will be the most effective.

Perhaps, it would have been interesting to see Slam Dump adding some fibers as probiotics, but ultimately it would mean that they would need 5-6 capsules instead of one. This way, you can easily cleanse your colon with one single capsule, and avoid competitors that are just underdosed fiber capsules.

Additionally, this supplement seems ideally dosed for daily use and reducing the need for any strong colon cleanser. But it can also be of great aid for people that get constipated on specific occasions like holidays or stressful periods. Because it won't make you shit your pants instantly, it enables a more natural bowel movement.

All in all, compared to the rest of the market, which tipically underdose most ingredients or contain fillers, Slam Dump is a solid choice. Plus it's priced pretty reasonably too.

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Customers Slam Dump Reviews

Unfortunately, there are not many user reviews around, as this is a fairly new supplement. We did manage to find some social media and reddit Slam Dump reviews saying that it worked for them, we did also find a few reviews on a 3rd party review site in the UK trustpilot, but whilst the reviews were positive, many were comically so, as such we can't quite be sure if they were people just having a bit of fun because of the name or if they were real. But, we can say there were no negative ones and the legitimate few we found were positive.

Looking at other industry experts, it seems that Slam Dump has taken them by surprise as well, as it scores highly as a colon cleanser in most. It has even made to best colon cleanser lists in a few health magazines.   

We will be looking out for more customer reviews, as colon cleansing supplements can be highly subjective and we'll update accordingly, we may even highlight a few of the more amusing ones. 

Is Slam Dump A Scam?

No, we were able to buy and test Slam Dump without any issues. We even contacted their customer support from various accounts and they were extremely helpful in all our queries.

Slam Dump Review Conclusion

Slam Dump takes a unique approach as a colon cleanser and it pays off big. It includes natural herbs that work synergistically and will hellp lighten your gut. Slam Dump is our new favorite colon cleanser, and a great supplement to use as a gut detox or as a tool to promote regular bowel movements. And more importantly it's one of the first colon supplements we've come across that isn't just psyllium husk.

Is it perfect? No. It could have had some probiotics that promote your gut bacteria, or some fiber to add round up the formula. That said, we cannot doubt it's effectiveness. But, if you're looking for a straight forward colon cleanse then Slam Dump is the best option. 


Criteria Rating
Ingredients 9/10
Bloating 10/10
Regularity 10/10
Gut Health 7/10
Value 10/10
Recommended 9/10