Jacked Factory Primasurge Reviews

Not the worst, but Primasurge has a misleading price

The first thing we should address with PrimaSurge is that they imply that a bottle has 60 servings, but if you read a little bit further down they say that you need to take 1 capsule or 1 capsule twice daily. However, if you do take PrimaSurge twice daily then the ingredients are in their effective dosage range. This means that the testosterone booster does cost a little bit more than it may appear. That said, it's in PrimaSurge's interest for us to review it as a double pill serving otherwise everything would simply read, the dosage is too low to be effective. 

The ingredients in Jacked Factory PrimaSurge aren't terrible, at least not all of them, Ashwagandha is good, even if it's at the bottom end of dosage range, longjack is fine and boron is a good inclusion, Shilajit extract and Musli less so. But, that's not awful for a budget testosterone booster. The downside is that you'll still need a mens multivitamin to cover the testosterone vitamin basics and it of course misses out on a lot of the better, but more expensive ingredients such as ginseng, DAA, luteolin etc. 

The customer reviews aren't bad and it's not the worst option for a budget testosterone supplement if you're already taking a vitamin d, zinc and magnesium supplement. If you're not however, and you want to go for the cheapest option, you'll likely get more mileage from a vitamin pill that covers those bases as more than half of US men have one of those deficiencies and all of them lower testosterone levels. Like a lot of jacked factory products PrimaSurge has the issue of being designed to be combined with their other supplements, meaning it's not really very good as a stand alone supplement.

If you've got a bit more to spend however, then we'd recommend that you go for a more comprehensive testosterone booster such as Prime Male , which includes all the ingredients in PrimaSurge, the aforementioned vitamins, panax ginseng, luteolin, etc.

What Does PrimaSurge Claim To Do?

Primasurge claims to booster testosterone levels, improve ATP, boost energy, focus and vitality as well as preserve muscle and increase strength. Most of the marketing is focused around strength gains, which is fine, but it's not ideally optimised for that as a testosterone booster. We'd have liked to have at least seen vitamin d included as it's particularly effective at improving athletic performance leading to increases in strength and muscle mass from training. [1] Like any other testosterone supplement PrimaSurge testosterone booster is not strong enough to make your muscles grow without training. That all said any increase to test levels will have some beneficial effect, so there should be some benefit and the claims PrimaSurge make are reasonable. Definitely not the most egregious marketing by any stretch.

Customers Primasurge Reviews

Primasurge testosterone boosters customer reviews are actually pretty positive, and that's not overly surprising, it does have ingredients that are known to booster testosterone, so we'd expect to see customers reporting improved energy levels and lean muscle growth. There were a few complaints of side effects from PrimaSurge, although we're not sure if the one complaining about hair loss is legitimate or a competitor falsifying the review as the ingredients should not cause that. The more genuine looking negative primasurge reviews were mostly stating that the product didn't work, or the more common nausea issues which can come along with ashwagandha root extract for some people. There are also some PrimaSurge reviews that are obviously overblown and likely fake, but this would still leave them with an overall rating just short of 4*.

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Primasurge Ingredients

In the interest of being as fair as possible to the Primasurge testosterone booster, we're judging them based on a 2 capsule daily intake, not a one capsule serving.

Ashwagandha root extract 500mg - Ashwagandha is a pretty standard inclusion for any testosterone booster supplement. It's well backed to raise testosterone levels [2], and reduce several symptoms of low testosterone. Particularly those symptoms which can themselves lower testosterone levels making matters worse, such as stress (build up of cortisol) and poor sleep. Typically speaking we'd prefer to see 600mg, but 500mg should be fine for average size men, but not ideal for anyone on the larger side. It does also have the benefit of Ashwagandha being particularly good for raising overall mood. 

Safed Musli 250mg - Safed musli has been shown to improve semen quality in males, but does note improve testosterone production in statistically significant ways. Good for a male enhancement product, not so much for a test booster. [3] And if something was to be included for a libido boost alone, we'd have recommended maca over musli.

Shilajit Extract 250mg - There's one small study available that backs shilajit, that doesn't mean it doesn't work at all, but we can't take one 20 man study as a reference point for it's efficacy [4]. It is however in the same dose as said trial, so it could be fine.

Longjack 200mg - Longifolia Extract is another common inclusion in mid range natural testosterone booster supplements. It doesn't make it into all of the best testosterone boosters, despite having a reasonable amount of backing showing that it does in fact work, it's effects were relatively middling and there are better more effective research supported ingredients available. [5] 200mg is the bottom end of the effective supplementation range for testosterone production, although we'd prefer Longjack to be dosed a little higher in most cases.

Boron 10mg - This is a great inclusion, boron makes it into almost all of the best test boosters it's quite effective and doesn't take up too much capsule space, it's relatively inexpensive and we don't typically get a lot of it in our diets, so we like to see this. It's been shown to raise test levels, improve joint health and improve athletic performance so it's a must have for any gym focused booster. [6]

Bioperine 10mg - A standard inclusion in a lot of supplements bioperine helps the body absorb nutrients more efficiently. It doesn't raise testosterone directly, but there's nothing wrong with it's inclusion. It's more essential in higher dosed supplements, but again, it's fine in Primasurge. 

PrimaSurge Review Conclusion

PrimaSurge isn't bad, it's just mediocre. Sure it can boost testosterone a little bit, can probably help you with some lean muscle growth and fat loss there's just a lot better supplements available. 

It's OK for its price point and if it included a decent vitamin blend then it would arguably be good. It just doesn't hold a candle to the supplements you can get for $15 a month more and most men would benefit more from taking a multivitamin instead. 

In short Primasurge has a couple of testosterone boosting ingredients in OK doses, but if you're looking for the best testosterone booster for maximum muscle growth, this is not the supplement for you. If you're after something budget and already have a multivitamin you take, then you could do worse.

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