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Does ​​Primal T Work?

1st Phorm Primal T Has Some Decent Ingredients, But There's Better At This Price Point

Primal T is a testosterone booster produced by 1st Phorm that they say is the perfect addition to your supplementation program. They claim it can support protein synthesis, improve growth hormone levels and muscle growth, optimise oestrogen and testosterone levels, and boost performance in the gym.

There is even the suggestion that, while it is not intended to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any chronic health issues, it is a huge step towards replacing prescription medications for any people with hormone imbalances. However, after doing our own review of the Primal T capsules, it is clear this is not the case.

The Primal T formula contains only natural ingredients and consists of calcium d glucarate, KSM-66 ashwagandha, tribulus terrestris extract, eurycoma longifolia root extract, DIM, BioPerine black pepper extract, and boron, as well as rice flour, cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, and zinc oxide.

There are, admittedly, a number of ingredients in the capsules that can aid testosterone production, and many of them may even offer an additional benefit for your weight, muscle mass, or overall health.

The problem is, almost every one has been included in a dose that is far too low to produce its optimal effects or, in some instances, do anything at all. They have then been combined with a number of other ingredients that have little to no clinical evidence to support any of their claimed beneficial effects.

This is all before we get to the very high price tag, issues with customer reviews, warnings from some doctors, and the fact that you have to cycle the capsules, which will be a turn off for many people. You put all of this together, and Primal T is simply not a product that is worth taking a risk on.

As a result, we would highly recommend that you do not purchase Primal T and instead consider a testostoner booster that is actually correctly dosed, for most people we recommend either TestoFuel or Prime Male.

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Primal T Customer Reviews

Finding customer reviews of Primal T was quite challenging, as the supplement is only sold directly on the official 1st Phorm website, and this exclusively contains positive reviews from every verified buyer, which is very suspicious and is unlikely for even the most well known and effective supplements around.

When looking around the internet though, we did manage to find a number of other reviews from past users that painted it in a far less positive light than what we saw on the official 1st Phorm site.

While some did like the ability to split the serving size into 2 servings of two capsules and felt that it did offer a mild benefit to their physical performance if they took it an hour prior to hitting the gym, most just found it did nothing at all, even if they followed the suggested cycle routine for a number of weeks.

There was also more than one verified buyer who said that their doctor had recommended they not use the supplement at all if they were contemplating pregnancy, taking certain prescription medications, or dealing with a number of medical conditions, which suggests it can cause side effects or complications.

You put all of this together with our own review of the product, and it is clear that there are far more question marks with Primal T than there are answers, which is why we strongly advise against you purchasing it, as the risks simply far outweigh the rewards.

Primal T Ingredients

Calcium D Glucarate - 750 MG - Calcium is an essential mineral commonly found in dairy that is well known for its ability to help keep the bones and heart healthy, strong and functional. However, there is also evidence to suggest that it can boost the human body's ability to naturally produce testosterone as well, especially in elite athletes.

Taking it is dietary supplements can then also prevent you from becoming calcium deficient, which will prevent a number of health issues from developing, including low testosterone levels. However, there are a couple of issues with the way that calcium is used in Primal T that we do need to point out (1).

Not only is the 750 mg used in a serving of Primal T lower than the suggested daily dose of 1,000 mg, but calcium in general only aids testosterone production if you follow a strenuous workout routine. This means the supplement's main ingredient will not have the desired effect unless you do additional work.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha - 600 MG - KSM-66 ashwagandha is an extract that is made from the roots of the winter cherry shrub. It has been used in ayurvedic medicine for many decades, due to it having been linked to a huge range of different health benefits that includes better testosterone production and more free testosterone in your blood.

Additional benefits of ashwagandha extract include it helping burn body fat, reduce stress, anxiety, and high blood sugar levels, improve your focus, memory, sleep, and brain and heart health and functions, promote the growth of lean muscle mass, and improve your strength and overall physical performance.

Unfortunately, there is an issue with the dose of KSM-66 ashwagandha used in Primal T. While 600 mg is indeed an optimal daily dosage, it should be split into multiple doses of no more than 300 mg (2). As a result, the single 600 mg dose in a serving of Primal T is too strong and could cause some side effects.

Tribulus Complex (40% Saponins, 40% Protodioscin) - 504 MG - Tribulus complex is extracted from the fruit and seeds of the pantropic tribulus terrestris weed. It has long been used in many traditional medicines around the world, due to the huge variety of health benefits that have been linked to it.

It is said to boost your sex drive and sexual performance, health and functions, particularly in men, combat issues like erectile dysfunction, improve your natural testosterone production and free testosterone levels, and boost your heart health and functions.

The issue is that, other than its ability to improve erectile function, there is virtually no conclusive clinical proof that tribulus terrestris extract can do any of these things (3). This means its inclusion is highly unlikely to be of any use in a testosterone booster supplement such as Primal T.

LJ100 Eurycoma Longifolia Root Extract (22% Bioactive Eurypeptides, 40% Glyco Saponins) - 200 MG - LJ100 eurycoma longifolia is extracted from the roots of flowering plants in the simaroubaceae family that are native to Indochina, Indonesia, and the Philippines. It has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine and many Asian herbal supplements, as it has been linked to a great range of health benefits.

It is said to boost your natural testosterone levels, sexual desire and energy levels, help treat or prevent erectile dysfunction, enhance male sexual health, manage stress levels, combat headaches, high blood pressure and pain, and improve your recovery time from a wound, disease or health condition (4).

Unfortunately, none of these claims have been proven by scientific studies, and very little clinical research has even been done on the extract. As a result, it is highly unlikely that the presence of eurycoma longifolia extract will be of any use in testosterone boosting supplements like Primal T.

DIM - 100 MG - DIM (diindolylmethane) is a phytonutrient that consists of two molecules, indole and methane, which is naturally found in many cruciferous green vegetables. It is proven to have antioxidant and antineoplastic properties, and is very well known for its ability to improve brain, gut and heart health and functions.

It is then also a potent anti aromatase modulator that interacts with oestrogen binding sites and stops your body from converting testosterone into oestrogen.

This will keep your oestrogen levels down and testosterone levels up, optimise your hormonal balance, increase growth hormone release, lean muscle growth, physical and sexual performance and your overall health, boost the immune system, and help your body combat cold and flu symptoms better (5).

The only problem is, for DIM to produce any of these useful effects, you need to consume between 100 and 200 mg each day. This means, with a serving of Primal T containing 100 mg of DIM, it will produce some of the benefits but will only do so to low levels, so you will not see the full rewards that it can offer.

BioPerine Black Pepper Extract 95% - 10 MG - BioPerine black pepper extract is made from the piper nigrum fruit. While it will not help increase growth hormone release or testosterone levels directly, it is quite a common ingredient in testosterone boosters as it contains an alkaloid called piperine, which is what gives pepper its pungent taste, heat and smell.

As piperine is a potent bioavailability enhancer, its presence in the formula will improve the absorption and efficacy of all of the other ingredients that a dietary supplement contains (6). It then also has some mild thermogenic properties, which means it can aid fat burning and weight loss to some degree as well.

This is also the first case of Primal T using a dose of a proven ingredient that is sufficient to produce its full effects. It is just a shame that it is one that will not actually affect your testosterone levels directly.

Boron (As Boron Citrate) - 5 MG - Boron is a trace mineral and metal element that has been proven to benefit the human body in a huge range of ways. It is very useful in testosterone boosters as it can increase your testosterone levels and the production of testosterone and help to prevent your from developing a testosterone deficiency.

It can then also benefit other parts of the human body, as it has the ability to reduce inflammation and "bad" ldl cholesterol levels, and improve your athletic performance, bone density, cognitive functions, energy levels, muscle mass, and red blood cell and blood plasma production (7).

As 5 mg is considered to be the lowest useful dose of boron needed to help increase your testosterone levels and production, this is another case where Primal T uses a dose of a proven ingredient that will provide some of its potential health benefits, but that is not strong enough to produce optimal results.

Primal T Pros & Cons


  • Contains only natural ingredients and no proprietary blends
  • Features a number of ingredients that are proven to boost performance, muscle growth and testosterone and growth hormone release


  • May not be safe to use if you are contemplating pregnancy, taking certain prescription medications, or dealing with a number of medical conditions
  • Very expensive
  • Many of the ingredients have not been clinically proven to benefit your testosterone levels
  • Most of the proven ingredients have been included in dosages far too low to have a notable effect

Primal T Review Conclusion

1st Phorm claim that by completing their cycle of 5 days on 2 days off, taking Primal T can improve your testosterone and growth hormone levels and help you push harder in the gym on training days. By this point though, our in depth Primal T review should have made it clear that this is simply not the case.

From unproven ingredients and low dosages of the proven ones, to issues with reviews from past users, there are just too many problems with Primal T for it to be worth the risk. That's why we suggest you do not buy Primal T and instead try a testosterone booster that is actually proven to work, like TestoFuel.

Specifically formulated with premium ingredients like Korean ginseng and maca extract (from the maca root), all of which have been dosed for maximum potency, it can safely and effectively aid luteinizing hormone, testosterone, growth hormone, and protein synthesis, all while being very reasonably priced.

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