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Is ​​Modere Burn Legit?

Updated 19th Sept 2023

Modere Burn Is Another Poor Quality Weight Loss Product.

Modere Burn is a thermogenic supplement made with a formula of key ingredients that are inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle. It is designed to replicate all of the weight loss benefits that this notoriously healthy diet is known to produce, to give people support at all points during their weight loss journey.

Modere claim it will boost metabolism and energy levels, reduce unwanted cravings, increase calorie burning, and help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels. However, after conducting our own Modere Burn review, it is painfully obvious that this is not the potent weight loss supplement that they say.

Modere Burn contains vitamin c, chromium picolinate, and a proprietary blend of cordyceps mycellum, berberine, caffeine, kelp extract, chocamine, olive fruit extract, green tea leaf extract, guarana seed extract, green coffee bean extract, allspice fruit, cassia cinnamon bark, and ginger root.

A proprietary blend is always a red flag as it is usually used to try and hide low ingredient dosages, and it quickly becomes clear that this is exactly what is happening here. The proven ingredients are then surrounded by compounds with little to no evidence that they do anything at all.

If the supplement's formula wasn't bad enough on its own, the fact that customers are complaining about a lack of efficacy, side effects, and the money back guarantee not being honoured just makes matters worse. This is ultimately another Modere product that we can't give a good review to, although perhaps it isn't quite as bad as Modere Trim.

As a result, even the handful of users that say it boosted their energy levels aren't enough to save it. 

That is why we highly recommend you do not buy Modere Burn and instead stick to using other thermogenic supplements that actually contain effective dosages of their core ingredients, and don't hide behind proprietary blends, such as Instant Knockout Cut , which has been around for quite a lot longer, doesn't make false promises, has a lot of good and most importantly real reviews, and to top it off actually costs less.

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Customers Modere Burn Reviews

Modere Burn currently holds a 3.9 out of 5 stars average rating on Amazon, which is middling at best.

When looking at the positive reviews, virtually all of them stated that the supplement gave them more energy, but none mentioned that they actually felt Modere Burn work when it comes to its ability to burn fat.

When looking at the negative reviews, however, not only did people mention they did not feel Modere Burn work to burn calories or fat any faster, but some users even reported stomach related side effects, like nausea, vomiting.

Others also claimed the money back guarantee is only honoured if you purchase it from the official Modere website, which isn't that uncommon for supplements in general, due to Amazon still taking their cut either way.

But, this still supports our initial findings and confirms that you will not see Modere Burn work in the ways that it claims.

Modere Burn Reddit Reviews

And there was a whole lot more negative Modere Burn reviews on reddit, although a lot of these were want to be experts raising the same complaints that we were, quite a few actual customers mentioned side effects and little to no benefit at best.

Modere BBB Reviews

Perhaps Modere Burn Better Business Bureau profile sheds a bit more light on their products, with the company having 117 complains from 173 reviews in the last 3 years. It does seem that the negative Modere Burn review rate has slowed down with them only having 11 complaints in the last 12 monhts, but it still isn't great.

Modere Burn Ingredients

Vitamin C (As Ascorbic Acid) 150 MG - Vitamin c is well known to boost immune health and your metabolic rate, but it also supports collagen and neurotransmitter production, promotes muscle tone, repair, and recovery, keeps your joints flexible, mobile, and healthy, and your muscles, bones, and teeth strong, so you never have to miss a workout (1).

However, studies suggest that, unless you have a vitamin c deficiency, you should get enough from your diet, and weight loss supplements that do contain it need to use at least 2,000 mg for it do anything. That means the 150 mg of vitamin c in each serving of Modere Burn is all but assured to be of no use.

Chromium (As Chromium Picolinate) 80 MCG - Chromium picolinate is a compound made of the amino acid derivative of chromium and picolinic acid. It can boost your serotonin and energy levels and metabolic rate, regulate insulin sensitivity, reduce your blood sugar and appetite, prevent the creation of fat cells, aid muscle tone and maintenance, and enhance brain functions and sleep quality, all of which will combine to help you lose weight quickly. The problem is, to see these benefits you need to take at least 1,000 mcg of chromium picolinate a day (2). As Modere Burn contains only 80 mcg per serving, it is just not capable of delivering any of them.

Modere Burn ThermoBlend  440 MG

Cordyceps Mycellum - Cordyceps mycellum is a parasitic fungi native to Asia that has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine, due to claims that it can supposedly deliver an incredible range of health benefits. This includes improving athletic performance and endurance, reducing inflammation and the signs of aging, boosting heart health and brain and testicle function, and treating high blood sugar levels, diabetes, tumours, diarrhoea, headaches, coughs, liver and kidney diseases, and rheumatoid arthritis. There are two issues with cordyceps mycellum though, as not only is there little evidence to conclusively supports these claims, but even the studies that do support its use say that you must consume at least 1,000 mg per day to see any effects (3). This means that, with cordyceps mycellum being located in a blend that weighs just 440 mg, it will not do you any good in Modere Burn even if its claimed benefits do turn out to be true.

Berberine From Berberis Aristata Root Extract - Berberine extract is an alkaloid found in many Asian plants that is used in traditional medicines, due to claims that it can regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation, boost heart health, and even combat menopause symptoms, depression, mood swings and diabetes (4). Unfortunately, not only are most of these benefits not proven, but even those that are require you to consume at least 900 mg of berberine extract per day for them to be produced. This means it is impossible for the Modere Burn proprietary blend to contain enough to be of any use.

Caffeine From Coffee Bean Extract (Coffea Robusta) - Caffeine is one of the most potent and popular stimulants on Earth and it is widely used in foods, drinks, and weight loss products, as it can significantly improve your energy levels and help you train harder. However, it can also promote thermogenesis to enhance fat metabolism and weight loss directly, and provide appetite suppression to help you avoid food cravings and reduce your food intake, so you don't consume more calories than you need, which will enable you to shed a few pounds more (5). The issue is, not only is at least 200 mg of caffeine required in diet pills to promote fat loss, but the natural caffeine in coffee bean extract is also weaker than pure caffeine. This means the caffeine content of Modere Burn is unlikely to be of any use at all.

Kelp Extract (Laminaria Japonica, 10% Fucoxanthin) - Kelp laminaria extract is a seaweed that contains a carotenoid called fucoxanthin and is being studied due to claims that it can enhance immunity and liver health, regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, reduce carbohydrate absorption, prevent weight gain, and aid weight loss. Unfortunately, these studies are still in their very early stages and no conclusive results to support these claims have been produced (6). This means it is just as likely that the presence of kelp extract in Modere Burn will do nothing at all as it is that it will provide any benefits.

Chocamine (Cocoa Bean Extract & Theobromine) - Chocamine is a cocoa bean extract that contains both caffeine and theobromine. The caffeine will again boost energy levels and fat oxidation, while the theobromine improves blood flow to the brain, mental energy levels, focus, brain functions, circulation, and heart health, and reduces inflammation (7). The problem is, chocamine will only provide any of these health benefits if you consume at least 500 mg per day. As this is more than the entire weight of the blend in which it is located, Modere Burn capsules simply cannot contain enough to be of any use.

Olive Fruit Extract - Olive fruit extract is rich in polyphenols and phenolics that have been proven to accelerate body fat burning and weight loss, maintain healthy blood sugar, blood lipid, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, improve your skin health, and promote healthy hair (8). However, these effects will only be produced if you consume a minimum of 500 mg of olive fruit extract per day. This again means that, as this is more than the entire weight of the blend it is located in, Modere Burn can't possibly contain enough to be of any use.

Green Tea Leaf Extract - Green tea extract contains natural caffeine and a potent antioxidant catechin called EGCG.These boost your energy levels and metabolic rate, aid fat absorption and lipid metabolism, promote healthy glucose levels, reduce food cravings and your cholesterol and blood pressure, enhance brain and heart health and functions, ease stress and anxiety, and help your body combat various illnesses. Unfortunately, research shows you must consume at least 500 mg of green tea extract per day to see any of these benefits (9). With the blend it is contained in not even being able to contain a fraction of this amount, its presence in Modere Burn is unlikely to help people losing weight at all.

Guarana Seed Extract - Guarana extract is made from seeds of a fruiting plant found in the Amazon region of South America. A common sports food and drink and dietary supplement ingredient, it contains natural caffeine and can boost metabolism, energy levels, and recovery time, and help prevent fatigue and tiredness (10). The problem is, these effects are only produced if you consume at least 50 mg per day. It is possible that Modere Burn contains this amount, but the proprietary blend makes it impossible to know for sure and the weight of the blend and guarana seed extract's place in it makes it highly unlikely.

Green Coffee Bean Extract (50% Chlorogenic Acid) - Green coffee extract contains natural caffeine and an antioxidant substance called chlorogenic acid. It can give you energy, stop you eating more calories than you need, reduce your blood sugar and blood pressure, promote calorie burning, burn fat, and prevent blood sugar spikes and fat storage (11) However, for it to help you improve your body composition in any way, you need to consume at least 240 mg of green coffee extract each day. As Modere Burn cannot contain anywhere near this amount, its inclusion is essentially worthless.

Allspice Fruit - Allspice fruit extract is used as a herbal remedy to combat obesity, and it is also claimed to prevent or treat gas, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, fevers, colds, diabetes, high blood pressure, and poor bowel or bladder control (12). Unfortunately, as none of these claims have ever been proven, its presence in Modere Burn is highly likely to do nothing at all.

Cassia Cinnamon Bark - Cinnamon bark extract is made from the cinnamomum cassia plant. It has long been used in Chinese traditional medicine, due to claims that it can reduce blood lipid levels and provide blood sugar control. It has begun to be put in some weight loss supplements as these effects would prevent weight gain and fat accumulation, help you lose weight, and treat diabetes or metabolic syndrome. However, as none of its claimed effects have ever been proven, its presence in Modere Burn will likely do nothing at all (13).

Ginger Root - Ginger is an anti inflammatory root that can accelerate calorie burning, suppress your appetite, prevent oxidative damage, reduce cholesterol levels, boost the digestive and immune systems, and enhance the absorption of all of the other ingredients in the supplement. The issue is, as at least 1,000 mg is required to produce these benefits, the amount present in Modere Burn simply will not be capable of producing any results (14).

Modere Burn Review Conclusion

Modere Burn sells itself as one of the top fat burning supplements on the market and a product that can offer significant weight loss and fat reduction. Unfortunately, our Modere Burn review shows these diet pills are clearly not able to help you achieve the kind of body fat burning or weight loss that they claim.

From its fat burning ingredients being under-dosed and others not being proven to aid fat loss, to a high price and complaints from customers, these diet pills fail in almost every way. That is why we generally don't recommend Modere Burn and instead use properly dosed weight loss products. 

Ideally if you're looking for a thermogenic weight loss supplement you want one that doesn't actually hide it's dosages.

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