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Does Matcha Slim Really Work?

Matcha Slim Promises A Lot, But What Does It Actually Do?

Matcha Slim really overpromises and underdelivers, it's not the worst weight loss product that we've ever seen, but like most weight loss drinks that don't replace a meal there's infinitely more hype than substance. There's some reasonable nutritional value in here, but nothing that comes remotely close to a super greens powder, and as far as a weight loss supplement goes, there's a good dozen or so infinitely better options.

Green matcha tea products can have a very, very mild impact on increasing metabolism, and swapping out an otherwise sugary drink for Matcha Slim will definitely help you lose weight, but that's about as far as it goes. There's some anti bloating ingredients and some diuretic ingredients (that could help you lose weight for the short term, in that you'll empty your bowel and bladder) but again nothing particularly substantial.

If you're looking for a weight loss supplement, you're much better off getting a capsule that contains a similar amount of green tea extract along with far more effective ingredients like glucomannan (which functions as an appetite suppressant by swelling in the stomach to fill you up) or 5htp (which supports cravings) or even quite simply a higher dose of caffeine, which raises metabolism and suppresses appetite.

Green tea leaves do make their way into a lot of weight loss supplements, but they're generally a B Tier ingredient, so making it the lead ingredient of matcha slim means the product will always be a little hamstrung as does being a liquid weight loss aid. As we've mentioned glucomannan is one of the most effective ingredients, and because it jellifies when added to liquid, so this is always an issue for this type of weight loss supplement.

We'd recommend trying hourglass fit and having some normal matcha tea instead as it contains a better range of weight loss ingredients than matcha slim.

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Customers Matcha Slim Reviews

The reviews of Matcha Slim are a mixed bag. If all you do is drink matcha slim whilst changing nothing else with your diet or exercise then matcha slim results will basically be none existent. Now, if you replace a sugary drink, or use matcha slim tea to support your diet by suppressing your appetite then it will have some, albeit not the best effect.

Then there's the fact that Matcha Slim overpromises. Which leads to even more negative reviews that say matcha slim doesn't work. We wouldn't go so far as to say match slim is a scam, but we would say that by itself consuming matcha slim will do all too much. That says there are equally as many people saying matcha slim works. It's pretty much split down the middle.

Most of the negative reviews of matcha slim were from people who changed nothing else, and the positive ones with good matcha slim before and afters were people who were working on themselves anyway and only used matcha slim powder as added support to their weight loss plans.

Matcha Slim Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions we came across when researching our matcha slim review.

What Is Matcha Slim?

Matcha Slim is designed as a weight loss aid, but realistically matcha tea products aren't really the solution to weight loss, they can help with a mild appetite suppression effect, but Matcha Slim is not the miracle product that it's marked as. It does contain some other elements that are particularly good for your health though, and a notable diuretic which can assist with boating and water retention.

Is Matcha Slim A Scam?

This question is really does matcha slim work, and the answer is, sort of. If you're following all of the marketing hype and you've been reading about the amazing matcha slim results, then you're going to be sorely disappointed. If you're just using it for to support a diet and looking at matcha slim tea for what it really is, then no it isn't a scam. In short don't trust the matcha slim before and after pics and it's fine.

Is Matcha Slim Safe?

Yes Matcha Slim is safe, unless you have a specific allergy to one of the ingredients in the matcha tea. Matcha Slim is not FDA regulated, however all the ingredients of matcha slim are marked as safe for human consumption.

MatchaSlim Ingredients

Marshmallow Root - Marshmallow root is a diuretic, it's also a mild anti inflammatory, which will reduce bloating. [1] Which means it's a good inclusion for a product like MatchaSlim, but any improvement to weight loss from this will be short term as you're simply emptying your bowels and bladder. It's good for your kidney and bladder health, but again this isn't something that would suggest drinking Matcha Slim will help you lose weight.

Matcha Green Tea - Green tea contains L Theanine, which does help you sleep whilst dieting, has been shown to boost weight loss and generally helps with cravings particularly if they're caused by stress. [2] The caffeine content will also have a mild benefit although it's relatively low by comparison to what you'd get from a normal fat burner supplement. There's a load of other health benefits from the antioxidants to liver benefits etc, but this isn't really relevant to the main Matcha Slim claims.

Coleus Leaf - Coleus leaf is great for sleep issues, IBS and great for bladder health, doesn't really do anything for a slimming effect though. Once again Matcha Slim isn't living up to its name. It also does nothing for energy so nothing that lines up with Matcha Slim's targets.

Spirulina - We really like spirulina when it's in an overall health supplement like a greens powder. It's an algae rich in b vitamins, omegas, iron, protein and a host of other nutrients. It's great. However, aside from the energy boost you could get from b vitamins, this isn't really going to help too much in terms of weight loss. There is some evidence, albeit minimal, that spirulina could help with weight training performance [3], which in turn could help you burn more calories, but the evidence isn't great. The evidence is that muscle recovery could be slightly improved due to improved oxygen circulation. That said the doses of spirulina are generally a lot higher than what's in Matcha Slim packs.

Taurine - Good for energy, good for alertness, it's a decent ingredient to have in a diet supplement as these are generally things people struggle with when dieting, but it doesn't make up lacking other more important ingredients.

Matcha Slim Review Conclusion

Matcha Slim is fine, drinking matcha slim will have a mild impact on weight loss, we have no idea where they got some of their more dramatic claims from, it won't help you lose 11lbs of fat in 2 weeks as it suggests. This is complete nonsense, our personal tests found it less effective than products which have much less dramatic claims.

Matcha slim does taste pretty good so we'll give it that, and it's not a terrible product. We'd give it a solid 5/10, but it's not going to make our list of the best weight loss aids any time soon.

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Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 4/10
Thermogenic Boost 2/10
Energy Boost 3/10
Customer Satisfaction 3/10
Ingredients Quality 4/10
Value 3/10
Recommended 4/10


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