Life Extension Testosterone Elite Reviews

Is Testosterone Elite Any Good?

Life Extension Testosterone Elite has one good ingredient and that's about it.

There are only three ingredients in Life Extension Testosterone elite so this review is going to be relatively short. The price point isn't too far off much more comprehensive supplements and seeing as only one of it's two ingredients have much backing you'd be better off just buying a luteolin supplement.

Life extension products suffer from this issue quite a lot, they're decent quality and the customer reviews are generally fine, but if we're comparing them against other products designed to promote healthy testosterone levels then we can't recommend Life Extension Testosterone Elite. 

As for the inclusion of theobromine and cacao extracts there isn't really much backing that these are going to do anything to boost testosterone. 

Typically we expect a testosterone booster in this price range to include a comprehensive mineral blend to cover common deficiencies which lower testosterone levels (zinc, vit d, magnesium) as well as some proven extracts in their correct dosages, typically 2 or 3 that have been proven in human trials as a minimum. Luteolin is one decent ingredient, but you can get a lot more for your money. 

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Customers Reviews of Testosterone Elite Life Extension

Customers reviews of Testosterone elite are a little limited, it's quite hard to find any off of life extensions website, which means that the only reviews we're likely to see are positive ones from men who said it raised their testosterone production or alleviated symptoms of poor health.

In general if we look at life extensions overall reputation on things like trust pilot they're pretty good. There are two different profiles, and the US version does seem to have several complaints about shipping, but as it has 6 reviews vs the 1000s on the main European profile we'll be charitable and chalk this up to temporary supply issues, that do seem to have been resolved, with the negative reviews of life extension ending towards the back end of 2022.

Life Extension Testosterone Elite Ingredients

Theobromine - The problem with theobromine is that most of the studies that shows it has any impact on testosterone production were in rats [1] and it's not been replicated in humans at all. This means that it's also quite unlikely that it will show results in humans seeing as most ingredients don't transfer effectively. And even if it did, it's likely to require far more than the maximum 400mg that is in the proprietary blend of theobromine and cacao extracts.

Cacao - Cacao contains magnesium and that can boost test [2], the problem here is twofold for our life extension review and that is simply that supplementing magnesium would be cheaper and more effective, but on top of that you probably don't get enough in this pill to make a difference in the first place as magnesium is only a tiny fraction of what's in cacao and we likely have less than 200mg in the proprietary blend.

luteolin - Luteolin is better, it's backed by several human studies [3] suggesting it can increase testosterone production and improve free testosterone levels. Luteolin is part of the bodies natural hormone production cycle. It breaks down other compounds like cholesterol and turns them into pregnenolone which the precursor hormone for testosterone. The main question of the studies was whether or not supplementing it orally would work or if the body would just produce less luteolin. And it seems that it does work to raise testosterone levels. There are however better ingredients for raising baseline test and based on common vitamin deficiency rates in the US 60% of men would do better simply taking a vitamin d, zinc and magnesium supplement. It's been shown to be effective as a supplement, but there are much better go to options to raise testosterone production and we only really rate luteolin highly if it's in a testosterone booster that has already gotten 5 or 6 other more potent ingredients right first.


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