Gorilla Mind Sigma Reviews

Is ​Gorilla Mind Sigma Any Good?

Gorilla Mind Testosterone Booster Is  A Let Down. Right Ingredients, Wrong Doses.

Gorilla Mind Sigma is a test booster that claims to enhance both your natural testosterone production and free testosterone levels.

They say it does this by using bioavailable minerals and nutrients to enhance gonadotropin production and provide steroidogenesis and stress management support and binding protein modulation. Unfortunately, closer inspection reveals that things aren't quite as good as they seem. Not that Gorilla Mind is a bad testosterone booster, it's just not the best.

The Gorilla Mind Sigma Testosterone Booster formula contains vitamin d3, magnesium, zinc, fadogia agrestis extract, tongkat ali, ashwagandha extract, and boron.

Five of the seven ingredients have indeed been proven to either boost testosterone production or supress estrogen, to help you keep your testosterone levels naturally high. However, to do this, doses far greater that those that are present in Gorilla Mind Sigma are required.

You then have the two ingredients that haven't been proven, fodogia agrestis and tongkat ali. Not only is there no evidence to support their use in test boosters, but they have also been linked to side effects and take up more space in each capsule than any of the other ingredients.

An unusual feature of the Gorilla Mind Sigma Testosterone Booster is that it gives you a choice of taking either a 2 capsule or 4 capsule serving. This is strange, as most supplements are carefully designed to give you a specific dose of each of their ingredients.

The reason for its use though, is that it gives the makers the ability to artificially boost the perceived value of the product, as they can say each pot contains twice as many doses as it really does if you want to see any effects, as the 2 capsule serving will do absolutely nothing.

Gorilla Mind Sigma Testosterone Booster isn't overly expensive but don't let this fool you, as it is still a waste of money, given that the product is not going to have any real effect. You will therefore be better off spending your money on a proven test booster, currently TestoFuel holds our number one spot on our best testosterone boosters list.

Customers Gorilla Mind Sigma Reviews

Customer reviews of the Gorilla Mind Sigma Testosterone Booster appear positive at first, as it currently holds a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating. The positive reviews all tended to mention feeling effects like more energy and power while in the gym.

However, as it is only sold on their own website and there isn't that many reviews overall, we shouldn't read too much into its overall score.

Most of the negative reviews say that the product simply didn't do anything positive for them. However, some also mentioned experiencing side effects while using it. These included low mood, irritability, bloating, tiredness, anhedonia, nausea, and just making them "feel dreadful".

One review did, however, mention that they were monitoring their testosterone levels while taking the Gorilla Mind Sigma Testosterone Booster and it actually made them drop. This is obviously an extremely big issue for a product such as this.

Gorilla Mind Sigma Testosterone Booster Ingredients

Vitamin D3 (As Cholecalciferol) - 38 - 75 MCG

Vitamin d is not a testosterone booster itself, but being deficient in vitamin d can cause your natural testosterone (1). This makes vitamin d3 is a great way to keep your natural testosterone production up and make sure your testosterone levels never dip.

The problem is, vitamin d doesn't have an effect on your testosterone levels until you are taking at least 4,000 mcg per day. With the Gorilla Mind Sigma Testosterone Booster having just 38 to 75 mcg of vitamin d3 per serving, it simply won't produce the desired effect.

Magnesium (As Magnesium Glycinate) - 100 - 200 MG

The mineral magnesium can enhance the production of various hormones in the human body. This makes it a great natural ingredient to include in testosterone boosters, as it simply stimulates your body's natural processes.

Unfortunately, magnesium only affects your hormones in this way when you consume 250 to 350 mg per day (2).

With the Gorilla Mind Sigma Testosterone Booster containing only 100 to 200 mg of magnesium in each serving, it is unlikely to generate the desired effect, even when taking the higher dose.

Zinc (As Zinc Glycinate) - 15 - 30 MG

Zinc is a mineral that stimulates the pituitary gland and boosts the production of luteinizing hormone, a chemical in the brain that is required for testosterone production (3).

It can also improve your immunity and metabolism, boost DNA synthesis, recovery, and vision, and reduce inflammation and the signs of aging. The issue is, to produce any of these effects, you need to be taking between 25 and 45 mg of zinc each day.

As the Gorilla Mind Sigma Testosterone Booster contains 15 to 30 mg of zinc per serving, the 2 capsule serving will produce no results at all, while even the 4 capsule serving will only have a slight effect, as it is at the lower end of the range.

Fadogia Agrestis Extract 10:1 - 300 - 600 MG

Fadogia Agrestis is a Nigerian shrub that has many health benefits linked to it in traditional medicine, one of which is the ability to enhance testosterone production. Some of the similar benefits it is also said to offer include increasing libido and boosting athletic performance.

However, there have been very few studies actually conducted on Fadogia Agrestis and the effects it can have. What's worse is that none of those that have been done were on humans, and most of the evidence to support its use has come from tests done on rats (4).

This means there is simply no way to know if Fadogia Agrestis is actually of any use in the Gorilla Mind Sigma Testosterone Booster, and there have even been reports that it can cause side effects. This means taking it is very high risk and low reward.

Tongkat Ali 200:1 (Indonesian Eurycoma Longifolia Jackroot) - 200 - 400 MG

Tongkat Ali is a herb that has long been used in traditional medicine, due to claims that it can enhance fertility, reduce estrogen levels, and even produce an aphrodisiac effect.

The issue is, while there is some evidence to support its effects on fertility and libido, there is nothing that conclusively proves it has any effect on testosterone production.

This makes the inclusion of Tongkat Ali in a product like the Gorilla Mind Sigma Testosterone Booster likely worthless (5).

Ashwagandha Extract (Withania Somnifera) - 150 - 300 MG

Ashwagandha extract comes from the roots of the winter cherry shrub. It has long been used in ayurvedic medicine, due to a wide variety of health benefits being linked to it.

There are claims that it naturally boosts testosterone levels, increases muscle growth and strength, enhances athletic performance, burns fat, reduces anxiety, blood sugar, and stress, and enhances focus, memory, sleep, and the health of your brain and heart.

While more study is needed to prove some of these claims conclusively, the current evidence suggests it really can produce these effects. However, to do so, 600 mg of ashwagandha extract must be consumed each day (6).

This unfortunately means that, as even the 4 capsule serving of the Gorilla Mind Sigma Testosterone Booster has just half the required dose at 300 mg, it isn't going to be of any use.

Boron (As Boron Citrate) - 3 - 6 MG

The mineral boron is a metal element that is proven to boost testosterone production in all humans and is especially effective at enhancing the testosterone levels of men.

It then even offers additional benefits, like reducing inflammation and cholesterol levels and boosting blood plasma, bone density, and brain functions.

The problem is, boron will only boost testosterone production when you take at least 10 mg each day (7). As even the 4 capsule serving of Gorilla Mind Sigma Testosterone Booster has just 6 mg of boron, the dosage is simply too low to be effective.