Elm And Rye Fat Burner Reviews 2023

Is Elm & Rye Fat Burner Any Good?

An Unusual Take From The Elm And Rye Fat Burner

Elm and Rye has a couple of odd ingredient choices that are more common in mood boosters than in fat burners and it does miss out on glucomannan (the most effective over the counter appetite suppressant), so it's definitely not going to top our list of the best weight loss aids, but that doesn't mean that there isn't any use cases for elm & rye fat burner supplements. 

However, whilst we can see a tangential argument for some of the less common fat burner ingredients, for example Ashwagandha and Rhodolia don't "burn fat" or supress appetite, but are good for mood and sleep quality. There is also a few ingredients in here which react with mens hormones, so it could have a benefit for men specifically, however, with the high caffeine content and these ingredients this isn't really a supplement that's aimed at women. 

This can be useful for stress eaters, or people who are struggling to sleep whilst restricting calories (quite a common issue which leads to midnight snacking) the issue is that Elm & Rye Fat Burner pills don't contain a proper ingredients breakdown and hide behind a proprietary blend. Meaning we can't be sure the ingredients are in their optimal dosages. 

In fact, seeing as Elm and Rye fat burners are supposed to be taken as a single capsule per day, we can be sure that they aren't dosed in their ideal dosages as the ideal ranges do require a total that's double the 1000mg contained in a single elm & rye fat burner pill. That doesn't mean everything is under dosed, but when we come to our ingredients breakdown we will have to work off what is most likely based on ingredient order (Elm and Rye is sold internationally and for sale in many countries it has to be listed in highest dose to lowest even if the mg's are not specifically listed). 

In short Elm and Rye Fat Burner could make a decent supplement if your main issue whilst dieting is trouble sleeping or for older men with declining hormone production, but there are better fat burners for overall use and most other use cases, and there's definitely better fat burners for women

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About Elm And Rye Supplements

Elm & Rye do have a good reputation for delivering quality products and generally have decent customer service. That said, the fat burner is not one of our favorite products from the brand. As far as weight loss supplements go, there are better on the market, although Elm and Rye Fat Burner is OK.

Customers Elm & Rye Fat Burner Reviews

Generally the customers reviews of elm and rye fat burner are pretty good, the negatives are normally focused on what seem to be common caffeine sensitivity causing the elm and rye fat burners side effects. For the most part people who have left positive reviews do cite that it's helped them stick to their diet, this is pretty much as we'd expect from the elm and rye weight loss supplement. All in all the reviews aren't bad, elm and rye don't use overly aggressive marketing which probably does help keep the negative elm and rye reviews to a minimum.

Elm & Rye Fat Burner Ingredients

Working with only 1000mg is the issue for Elm and Rye fat burners, and unfortunately it may well be the case that they're better dosed for 2 capsules a day, but we can't recommend that due to no knowing the exact ingredients breakdown. That and the fat is that would make elm and rye supplements quite expensive as then we're hitting $140/month and compared to the likes of Instant Knockout which costs less than half, contains the correct dosages, but swaps Ashwagandha and Coleus for Glucomannan (which swells 50X larger in the stomach, to about the size of a bagel, supressing hunger), we couldn't recommend Elm and rye fat burner at that price point anyway.

B3, B6, B12 - B vitamins are quite a common inclusion in weight loss supplements, whilst they're not overly effective at "burning fat" with the exception of a couple of specific conditions. However, they are important for maintaining high energy levels when you're restricting calories. When we diet we subconsciously move less, lowering our natural calorie burn. B vitamins giving you an energy boost can help mitigate this rather than doing anything to "boost metabolism" as is often marketed. Still a good inclusion and requires very low amounts of space in the pill. Good ingredient.

Caffeine - Caffeine is another classic, and in a similar vein to the b vitamins above it helps keep energy levels high. Caffeine has a lot of other benefits when it comes to losing weight. It functions as an appetite suppressant for several hours after taking it, and lastly it does actually boost metabolism, although the latter fact is the least important when compared to the other impacts it has in elm & rye's fat burning pill. It's likely to be in a high enough dose, we'd expect more than 100mg based on the placement in the ingredients list, and the fact that a few of the negative elm and rye fat burner reviews list side effects we'd expect from a dosage that high. Most people this should be fine, and it's particularly good for a mens fat burner, could be a slightly too high dosage for women. That said, it's a good inclusion.

L Theanine - Another OK inclusion here, quite likely within it's recommended dose of 200mg although it's safe up to 900mg. In theory it can reduce appetite, although it's more effective in a liquid form as it has an umami flavour which has been shown to reduce appetite more effectively than as a capsule.

Green Coffee Extract - Green Coffee Extract does seem to work as a weight loss supplement based on the excising studies, although the effect isn't huge we are talking a couple of percentage points. There's nothing wrong with it's inclusion aside from the fact that it's a b tier ingredient and elm & rye fat burner only has 1000mg to work with, in multipill supplements it's fine. However, here it's OK.

Green Tea Extract - Green Tea Extract is very similar to green coffee extract and as a result we'd have liked to have seen something else in elm & rye fat burner, perhaps capsaicin would've been a better inclusion due to the minimal capsule space. It should still help you lose weight.

Ashwagandha - Ashwagandha is part of what makes elm & rye fat burner unique. It makes it into a lot of stress supplements and even mens muscle building supplements as it does have an impact on muscle mass, improves sleep and reduces cortisol. However, we do expect that the dosage is perhaps a little low for this effect based on it's placement, ideally we'd like to see it over 300mg, although it could still be around 200mg which could still have an impact, particularly for older men dealing with recent weight gain as t levels drop with age due to it helping improve sex hormone production.

Rhodolia - This is another odd one for the elm & rye fat burner, it's great for aiding sleep and reducing stress, but it's not really an ingredient aimed for weight loss. It does also have some use as a brain health supplement, but that's not really what we're after in a fat burner.

Coleus Forkosli - Unfortunately coleus forkosli is an ingredient that would only really have a positive effect for men, it's not really good for much aside from raising testosterone levels, which does help shift excess body fat, but the evidence for that is a little weak.

Elm And Rye Fat Burner Review Conclusion

The elm & rye fat burner does have a couple of unique additions which could make it interesting for men over 50, or people who specifically have issues with sleep whilst dieting. However, if you don't fall into either of these camps then there are much better options available for weight loss supplements. 

We'd also need to highlight the cost, as realistically we expect taking one elm and rye fat burner pill first thing in the morning and one a hour before dinner would be best (this is due to optimising caffeine's appetite suppression window). This would then mean that it's $140 for a months supply. It's not a bad product, but in straddling the line between a testosterone booster and a fat burner, it doesn't do either as well as a supplement specifically designed for one or the other and as a result it has a very niche market. We'd recommend Instant Knockout instead for most men.

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