Cellucor Super HD Reviews 2023

Does Cellucor Super HD Work?

Some OK ingredients, but everything in Cellucor Super HD is underdosed.

Cellucor has some OK ingredients for a fat burner, not many of the best ingredients mind, but some OK ones. The catch is that almost all of them, with the exclusion of caffeine are dosed too low to be within their effective ranges for weight loss. Even when trying to hide behind proprietary blends, Cellucor Super HD manages to make each of its 3 individual "blends" so small that even the lead ingredient couldn't be properly dosed. For example the blend that contains green tea extract is only 150mg in total, but 200mg is considered the absolute minimum for it to be effective for weight loss and 500mg is the ideal. This will become a running theme throughout our Cellucor Super HD Review, middling ingredients and not enough of them to actually help anyone with losing weight. 

The fact is that whilst there are good weight loss supplements out there, most of those tend to include glucomannan, one of the few clinically backed over the counter weight loss ingredients [1], 5htp, and the correct doses of Green Tea Extract, Capsacin and the like Cellucor Super HD does not. Save your money and fat burners that work that actually help suppress appetite more than just a cup of coffee. 

Customer Reviews of Cellucor Super HD

Cellucor Super HD Amazon reviews and the ultimate version both seem a little bit suspect, the top reviews all seem to be 1*, yet the overall product reviews seem to be reasonably high. This generally leads us to be a little bit suspicious. Cellucor Super HD largely relies on caffeine to have any effect, and the general response seems to be it didn't do much to help people lose weight. At least the ones that didn't read as if it was a miracle pill, which it quite clearly is not. As a rule of thumb, any product reviews that are over the top, especially with supplements that claim to burn fat, are often paid for. At least when companies list a few on their own websites we expect that they're the most glowing. 

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Cellucor Super HD Reviews FAQ

The most commonly asked questions asked when we researched our cellucor super hd review.

What About Cellucor Super HD Ultimate?

Whilst we haven't done a complete Cellucor Super HD Ultimate review, the product is arguably worse than Cellucor Super HD. The overall blend is proprietary, but when we tested it there was a higher volume of caffeine anhydrous, and the rest of the ingredients are similar or actually worse for weight loss. In short, it's a slightly more expensive, and less effective fat burner. 

Is Cellucor Super HD Safe?

Cellucor Super HD should be safe, unless you're particularly sensitive to one of the ingredients. Whilst as a natural fat burning supplement Cellucor Super HD is not regulated by the FDA, the individual ingredients are approved as fit for human consumption. Whilst there can be some mild cellucor super hd side effects, these can typically be avoided by not taking them on an empty stomach. We'd also generally recommend avoiding cellucor ultimate if you have high blood pressure due to the caffeine content. 

How To Use Cellucor Super HD?

Cellucor HD is best taken with a meal to avoid stomach upset, generally it's best in the morning, we don't recommend taking it with any caffeinated beverage however to avoid headaches. 

Cellucor Super HD Ingredients

There are several versions of Cellucor Super HD available from different stores, they've changed the formula a few times, not that it makes much difference either way the cellucor super hd ingredients lists are pretty poor. In trying to keep a weight loss pill to 1000mg (a single pill) most ingredients can't be included in an effective volume. As such the cellucor HD range is lacklustre and ineffective.

L Tyrosine, Amla, Dandelion Root, Yohimbe, Capsimax (and a couple of other trace ingredients) totalling 193mg - This blend is a little bit awkward to review, in that two of these ingredients are good for weight loss, one is simply a diuretic and the other two are unproven. The one thing that is consistent is that most of them couldn't possibly be included in large enough doses.

Typically speaking, blends like this are required (for sale in Europe, not the US, but Cellucor does sell the same product in the EU, so we can assume it's the same) to list the ingredients in order of the largest volume to the lowest. That means that the most favorable breakdown would be. L-Tyrosine at 100mg, because at least one ingredient could be correctly dosed [2].

However, the only way in which it was shown to be effective, was when it was taken in conjunction with Capsimax and Caffeine Anhydrous. In that case it slightly increased performance. The catch here is, that Capsimax cannot be correctly dosed [3] if L Tyrosine is, as they both need to be 100mg in a blend that is less than 200mg. And as for the rest of the ingredients in this section of our cellucor super hd review, they're ineffective, or require grams, not milligrams to be effective. We also don't generally like to see dandelion [4] in fat burners as it's only function is as a diuretic, whilst there is occasionally some argument for it in a good fat burner to take 2 days before a bodybuilding show that's a completely separate use case.

Caffeine Anhydrous 160mg - Caffeine does help fat loss, it helps you move more without realising, increasing your caloric burn, as well as functioning as an appetite suppressant. It's a good ingredient for a lot of fat burner supplements.

Green Tea Extract and Phospholipids 150mg - Green tea leaf extract is one of the weakest ingredients in better fat burners. It's not a bad ingredient, we just tend to mark it as b tier weight loss aid. As for the phospholipids there aren't any reasons to include these in a supplement designed to help your lose fat.

Cellucor Super HD Review Conclusion

Cellucor Super HD pills may help mildly boost weight loss, but then again so does coffee or a caffeine pill. There isn't much in here to suggest that they're going to compete with any of the best fat burning supplements (which are mostly appetite suppressants and energy boosters combined). 

We don't recommend Cellucor Super HD. 

Other fat burners have the same ingredients, in the correct doses designed for losing weight. 

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Thermogenic Boost 2/10
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Ingredients Quality 2/10
Value 2/10
Recommended 3/10


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