Jacked Factory Burn XT Review

Is Burn XT Any Good?

Burn XT Review: Is Burn XT Any Good?

Jacked Factory Burn XT a prime example of you get what you pay for. It's cheap and cheerful, and as a result, not a great product.

Jacked factory's burn xt is a thermogenic fat burner. And it really focuses on the thermogenic element. In theory this should raise your base line metabolic rate and increase your energy levels. Whilst, Jacked factory burn xt should deliver quite effectively in this element of weight loss support, it's not so strong in other areas. If it didn't market itself as an appetite suppressant as well we'd probably mark it a lot better, but unfortunately it does, and it doesn't really stack up to well as one.We're also not the biggest fans of thermogenic focused weight loss supplements, by comparison to those which suppress appetite and contain glucomannan.. And whilst it does get some props for outright stating that it's not a "magic pill" it's still making claims it can't back up, so it's going to lose a lot of marks here and this will show in our Burn XT Review.It's also very heavy on the caffeine, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it isn't going to be suitable for anyone looking for a none stim fat burner. And for anyone who doesn't want to read the full review, burn xt is fine, if you're only looking for a thermogenic or energy boost. It's not a good all rounder, and you'd be better off spending the extra $10 on instant knockout or one of the other fat burners on our best fat burners list.

Customers Burn XT Reviews

There's a lot of Burn XT reviews on amazon, and some are clearly fake, but once you're done trawling through the dross for the real ones, it seems that overall most people are pretty happy with the effects. And yes it's a fine fat burner, especially compared to a lot of the other Amazon brands or the likes of nugenix. That doesn't mean our personal experience was quite so good though. Some people had issues with the high caffeine levels, and some people who took the pills too far away from meals had upset stomachs, which is to be expected with this sort of supplement. It doesn't seem that it's claims about boosting mood have much grounds, and our personal experience lines up with this as well.

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Our Experience With Burn XT

So, we've tried a lot of fat burners at this point and 3 of us tested Burn XT for 60 days. We do mostly come at this from the question of, how hungry were we when we were in a calorie deficit (required for weight loss), did we lose more weight than we normally would in a 250 calorie a day deficit and how much were our energy levels effected. And if you've read our burn xt review this far, you know we're going to say we were hungry. Very hungry compared to the glucomannan based supplements we normally use. Our energy levels weren't any better than using the much cheaper T5 supplements, or instant knockout which kept our energy levels high and has the glucomannan. For context, glucomannan is the only ingredient that can legally be called an appetite suppressant in a lot of countries. It swells up to 50X it's size in the stomach making you feel full. We tolerated the caffeine levels well, but people not used to taking fat burners would likely have a different story.

Burn XT Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Jacked Factory Burn XT

Does Burn XT Work?

Yes, but, it'a not nearly the most effective on the market, or even nearly as effective as the others in it's price range. It's a very outdated formula. It would've been good a decade ago. But, now, there's a lot better options.

Is Burn XT Safe?

As long as you are ok with caffeine Burn XT should be safe. It's produced in a cGMP facility with a none proprietory blend. You could have an upset stomach from taking too much, but you should be fine. You don't need to worry about any burn xt side effects.

What is Thermogenic Fat Burner?

Thermogenesis is the process of heating organisms, it requires energy, or calories, raising your body's temperature raises the amount of calories that you burn.

Jacked Factory Burn XT Thermogenic Fat Burner Ingredients

Green Tea Extract - Green tea leaf extract makes it into a lot of fat burners, and it's fine as ingredients go, but not great and tends to bulk things up a little bit. Unfortunately it's a main ingredient in Burn XT. 

Acetyl L Carnitine - So, this is again an OK ingredient, but it's got quite a specific use case. It helped particularly in obese individuals[1], the 9 studies done so far on this ingredient, showed that on average obese or elderly patients lose more weight whilst taking L Carnitine. But, if you're looking to get beach lean for a summer time cut, this isn't really for you

Bioperine - Bioperine is a black pepper fruit extract which allows the body to absorb the ingredients in Burn XT more effectively. It's pretty common in supplements. 

Caffeine Anhydrous - This is dehydrated caffeine, it has some appetite suppression effects, but nothing compared to glucomannan, makes you move more (and burn more calories whether you realise it or not) and has some thermogenic benefits which raises your metabolic rate which helps with fat burning. It's also going to give you energy.

Capsimax - From cayenne pepper fruit extract, this is a pretty standard ingredient in most fat burners. It's been quite well studied and has shown between 6-10% improvement in weight loss when supplemented correctly[2].

There's a few other things that Jacked Factory XT misses out on, vitamin supplementation would also benefit it and adding b6 and b12 could boost it's energy boost and fat burning effects.

Burn XT Review Conclusion

Burn XT will work for an energy boost, and from our experience helped with thermogenesis. That said we felt hungry and a lot of users couldn't tolerate the caffeine. It's missing newer ingredients like glucomannan and vitamin blends that could make it far more effective.

If you can tolerate the caffeiene and want something that helps you stay fuller for longer as well spend the extra $10 and chose instant knockout instead. You'll thank us later.

And if you want something that isn't so heavy on the caffiene then head over to our best list and pick something from there as Burn XT definietly isn't for you. 

Criteria Rating
Appetite Supressant 4/10
Thermogenic Boost 7/10
Energy Boost 7/10
Customer Satisfaction 7/10
Ingredients Quality 5/10
Value 5/10
Recommended 5/10

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