Burn Cycle Review

Is Burn Cycle any good? 

Burn Cycle is not terrible: it includes some effective fat-burning ingredients but also ingredients that lack enough evidence. 

Unlike most fat burners, Burn Cycle is a fat-burning drink rather than a capsule. It comes in powder form and is intended for use prior to working out. The manufacturer, Perfect Sports, claims Burn Cycle will give you an energy boost pre-workout, that it helps your body to metabolise fat into energy, and that it will reduce your appetite. 

Given the ingredients included in Burn Cycle, we can conclude that these claims are reasonable, although there are other fat burners that would work better. Burn Cycle misses some really important fat-burning ingredients, like glucomannan, which surpasses appetite, green tea extract, which boosts metabolism, and vitamins to resolve deficiencies that can cause weight gain. 

Burn Cycle proudly proclaims to be “banned substance free”. It’s the first point on their list of claims about the product. We feel that being free of illegal substances would be a given for a quality fat burner and not worthy of mentioning. It refers to the use of Synephrine HCI, also known as bitter orange, which is used in replacement of the banned substance ephedra. Unfortunately, there are concerns that Synephrine HCI can be quire unhealthy, so we suggest using this with caution. Given that Synephrine HCI has little evidence to support its weight loss potential, we wonder what the point is of including it here, especially given the risks.  

Perfect Sports also like to emphasise that Burn Cycle is “Keto Approved”, but this could be said of pretty much all the top fat burners and we see nothing in Burn Cycle that makes it any more keto than any other weight loss product. 

In short, besides the Synephrine HCI, Burn Cycle is a reasonable fat burner but far from being among the best.

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Burn Cycle Customer Reviews 

Customer reviews of Burn Cycle are pretty positive. Around 70% of reviews gave Burn Cycle five stars. Customers seem to be genuinely satisfied by Burn Cycle on the whole.

Verified customer reviews of Burn Cycle stated that it tastes good and gave them an energy boost. Overall, reviews focused on these two elements, but we couldn’t find many that actually reported weight loss.

Negative customer reviews of Burn Cycle reported no weight loss results. These customers were disappointed and often called Burn Cycle “ineffective”. 

Burn Cycle Ingredients

Since Burn Cycle comes in a powder rather than a capsule, estimating the amount of each ingredient per serving compared to other fat burners is a little more difficult. Perfect Sports suggests taking up to 2 scoops of Burn Cycle prior to working out, with the amount based on how intense your training is likely to be.

Most fat burners come in a one-month supply, with doses based on per serving basis. To make the comparison more accurate, we’re going to take a one-scoop portion of Burn Cycle as our measure, as this is roughly one month’s worth of the supplement.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (1000mg) - Studies into L-Carnitine L-Tartrate have shown its effectiveness as a workout supplement as it can reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery time in doses of 1g and more [1]. Burn Cycle also claims that L-Carnitine L-Tartrate is able to burn more fat and thus help you lose weight. This is because L-Carnitine is the amino acid responsible for transporting fat into cells to be converted into energy. Studies into the use of L-Cranitine as a fat-burning supplement have provided mixed results, but they suggest its ability to burn more fat when combined with exercise, as Burn Cycle clearly intends you to do.

L-Tyrosine (500mg) - L-Tyrosine is another amino acid. It is involved in the regulation of various hormones and the functioning of several vital glands, including the adrenal and thyroid. It is thought to play a role in regulating metabolism because of its link to the thyroid. Anecdotal evidence suggests this may be the case, but there are no studies confirming the link between L-Tyrosine and increased metabolism as yet. Another area where L-Tyrosine might be useful is in managing cravings while cutting calories as it also affects dopamine production.

Taurine (500mg) - Yet another amino acid, Taurine is involved in immune health and the functioning of the nervous system. There is some evidence that Taurine improves performance in the gym, but the studies are limited and evidence is not yet conclusive [2].

Achyranthes Aspera Root Extract (250mg) - There is evidence suggesting Achyranthes Aspera can help to reduce body fat. It also changes the serum lipid profile, meaning that enzymes used to digest fats do not work as well, resulting in the fat passing out of the body instead.

Caffeine (200mg) - A common ingredient in fat burners, caffeine stimulates thermogenesis and has been linked to improved athletic performance. And of course, it provides energy, which can be an issue when calorie cutting to lose weight.

L-Theanine (100mg) - A quality ingredient for any fat burner, L-Theanine helps to stabilise energy levels. This is particularly important in fat burners that include caffeine, as L-Theanine prevents the energy slump that occurs as the caffeine wears off. It also helps to prevent jitters and other symptoms of high caffeine use. As a bonus, L-Theanine is also thought to reduce anxiety. The optimum dosage is around 200mg but 100mg is a reasonable and effective dose.

Olive Leaf Extract (100mg) - A source of antioxidants and a powerful anti-inflammatory, olive leaf is certainly healthy. However, its benefits as a weight loss aid are not so certain. It is thought to increase the production of thyroid hormone T3, which regulates and stimulates metabolism, but the connection between this and weight loss is not yet confirmed.

Synephrine HCI (40mg) - Commonly referred to as bitter orange, Synephrine HCI is similar in effect to the banned substance ephedrine. It is now commonly used in place of ephedrine because it has a similar structure, however, there is very little evidence supporting the weight loss claims attributed to it. In addition, like ephedrine, there are some concerns that Synephrine HCI may not be good for the heart.  

Burn Cycle Review: Conclusion 

There are not many fat burner powders available and this novelty might appeal to some people. If so, Burn Cycle is not the worst fat burner you could choose. It does contain a few effective ingredients at proper doses, particularly the caffeine and L-Theanine combo, and customer report increased energy for working out.

That said, many of the ingredients require more evidence before we can be certain of their fat-burning benefits and we would rather there wasn’t the dubious Synephrine HCI in there.

So while Burn Cycle is not the worst, we recommend choosing a high-quality capsule-based fat burner if your goal is to shred fat rather than just boosting energy levels prior to training. We have a list of recommendations on our Best Fat Burners list.  

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