Bladeaze Review

Does Bladeaze Really Work?

Published: 2nd March 24

Bladeaze Is The Best Bladder Control Supplement We’ve Seen To Date

Bladeaze is relatively new to the market, but it’s definitely interesting, normally bladder control supplements seem to contain just Pumpkin Seed Extract and Soy Isoflavones, and even in that case they seem to often be underdosed against the clinical trials. Bladeaze takes that and one ups it again and again. They’ve added 10 more ingredients on top, and they all have pretty solid clinical backing.

They’ve covered off the common vitamin and mineral deficiencies that make incontinence symptoms worse, magnesium and vitamin D being the two most common to cause issues.

Magnesium is essential for muscle control as a lot of readers may know. but Vitamin D deficiency, which effects almost half of American’s, seems to be just as important when you start digging into the studies.

There’s also a few of the common anti diuretics like cornsilk as well as host of probiotics, for maintaining bladder and urinary tract health as well as inflammation reducers like Omega and Q10, the interesting thing is that these omegas are integral for bladder wall function, and once again most people are deficient.

And whilst they’re not one of the most well known aspects of bladder control, it is particularly effective, inflammation around the region, and bladder wall health hugely contributes to urinary frequency and leakage.

They do also offer a satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you’re not happy with the difference after 3 months, then they’ll refund you in full. The parent company FA Nutra is one that we’ve seen offer similar guarantees before and we, awe well as several other companies have verified the policies with mystery shoppers meaning we’re pretty sure they’d honor these too.

All in all, Bladeaze is a really robust offering, and sits head and shoulders above its nearest competitors.


Bladeaze Customer Reviews

There aren’t a whole lot of them to go off as the supplement has only been on the market a few months, but the two or 3 we could find seemed to be overwhelmingly positive, the general consensus is that it does seem to work after about 6 weeks.

We did only find about a dozen of them though, so whilst they’re positive we can’t really give an overall rating on this. We can also say that they do seem to be legitimate, and that one of our staffers did give it a try, and once again, whilst it’s not overly scientific, she has said she’s seen a notable improvement and is continuing to take them. Which is about as positive an endorsement as can be given.

Bladeaze Ingredients

Probiotics (Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri) 20m CFU -. Studies have shown positive outcomes with similar dosages and these are the particular strains that are involved in urinary tract and bladder function. There’s actually a surprisingly decent amount of backing for both bladder control and UTI issues.

Pumpkin Seed Extract 300mg – This is standardized to a 10:1 ratio and it lines up with the findings from studies that show it improves incontinence issues. Generally speaking the competition has about 200mg at 10:1. It’s been shown to be supportive of bladder function and muscle tone. This is another good ingredient for Bladeaze.

Omega-3 Powder 500mg – Omega 3 has been shown to have benefits for bladder tissue integrity and inflammation reduction, as suggested by studies investigating omega-3 supplementation. A good inclusion and one that’s very often overlooked.

Soy Isoflavones 50mg - The dosage of 50mg is consistent with amounts used in research exploring the effects of isoflavones on hormonal balance and their potential implications for urinary health. This is particularly useful for menopausal and post menopausal women suffering with urinary issues.

Vitamin D 15mcg - Bladeaze provides a level of vitamin D supported by research for maintaining overall health and muscle function. Adequate vitamin D levels have been associated with improved pelvic floor muscle strength, potentially benefiting bladder control. And as we mentioned in the intro, the deficiency rate is incredibly high.

Magnesium Glycinate 200mg - Studies have suggested that magnesium supplementation may have implications for urinary tract health, particularly in supporting muscle function.

Cornsilk 1200mg - There’s a few studies that have been done examining its potential anti diuretic effects and benefits for urinary tract health. It’s been tested for bed wetting and general leakage with it coming out as positive most of the time, and cornsilk is dosed correctly in Bladeaze.

Q10 60mg – Q10 is an unusual choice, but not a bad one. The dosage reflects levels used in research investigating the antioxidant and energy-supporting properties of coenzyme Q10. There’s been a couple of studies on bladder control, and it does seem positive, although it’s not the most well backed. The studies that have been done however are positive.

Iron 6mg and Vitamin C 30mg - The dosages in Bladeaze are consistent with recommended daily intake levels for supporting immune function and bladder wall tissue integrity. And again these are relatively common deficiencies.

B1 2mg - Bladeaze provides the exact amount in line with recommended daily intake levels for thiamine, supporting nerve function, which is crucial for optimal bladder control.

Bladeaze Review Conclusion

There’s a lot of good ingredients in Bladeaze and honestly, if any supplement is going to improve bladder control it’s this one. Whilst it’s important to still do Kegels and follow a bladder friendly diet there’s a good chance that Bladeaze can help. 

It's also worth noting that if Bladeaze doesn’t it’s unlikely that any other supplement on the market at the moment is going to do any better as most of them have less of the same ingredients in lower doses. 

If there were more customer reviews we’d be able to rate Bladeaze higher on that front, as it’s about the only area in which it doesn’t score top marks.   

Criteria Rating
Bladder Control 10/10
Urinary Tract Health 10/10
Bladder Health 10/10
Discomfort Relief 8/10
Customer Satisfaction 7/10
Value 10/10
Recommended 9/10