Amsa Fast Reviews

Do ‚ÄčAmsa Fast Pills Work?

Amsa Fast Isn't All It Claims To Be. There Are Far Better Alternatives

 Amsa Fast claims to be an organic weight loss supplement that is essentially a branded version of the fat blocker orlistat. It is designed to help obese people lose weight, as it can block fat absorption, leading to you losing weight faster and preventing lost weight from returning.

It is sold as one of the top weight loss supplements for those who are very heavy and happy to lose weight slowly over a long period, as it can be taken continuously for up to four years. Unfortunately, Amsa Fast (orlistat) isn't the next step to a healthier lifestyle that it suggests.

While orlistat can reduce fat absorption and help you achieve more weight loss than you could without taking Amsa Fast diet pills, it will only do so if you have a significant amount of weight to lose and are also willing to make a number of other healthy lifestyle changes. Ultimately weight loss comes into calories in and calories out, and the relatively minor boost that amsa fast will give you could be equalled by caffeine pills, and absolutely demolished by anything that suppresses appetite.

This is all before we even get to the lengthy list of side effects that Amsa Fast (orlistat) is capable of causing, and the extremely high price tag that is greater than most of the top weight loss supplements currently on the market, which use proven ingredients like glucomannan (which works by swelling 50X larger in the stomach making you feel full) or even something as simple as caffeine which has been shown to supress appetite and increase caloric burn).

When you factor all of this in, Amsa doesn't even get the basics of a weight loss aid right. And wiith that in mind the wise choice not to take Amsa Fast pills and instead use proven fat burners, (currently we rated Instant Knockout Cut as number one overall).

A weight loss supplement that can help people losing weight achieve noticeable fat loss in as little as two weeks, without the risk of experiencing side effects and for a fraction of the price, it is simply a safer, more effective, and more affordable alternative in almost every way.

Customers ‚ÄčAmsa Fast Reviews

Customer reviews of the Amsa Fast diet pill are quite hard to find, as it is a fairly new lipase inhibitor. In some countries you will need to have doctors prescribe it to you, while others will require you to have the supplement imported.

Those who have tried the Amsa Fast diet pills though generally seem to support the conclusion that we have drawn of the supplement in our Amsa Fast review. That said if we look up the ingredient, orlistat, in other countries where it's sold under different names this also brings us to the same conclusion.

When obese people took the recommended dosage of three capsules of Amsa Fast per day they did notice greater weight loss, while those who were only slightly overweight saw very little if any benefits to taking the pills.

Both of these groups also mentioned that they experienced a number of side effects while they were taking Amsa Fast.

This backs up the general feeling we got while writing our Amsa Fast review, which is that the sporadic and minimal gains that the supplement can offer simply don't make it worth taking when you factor in the high price and risk of side effects that it can cause to the human body.

Amsa Fast Ingredients


Amsa Fast is made from a single active ingredient called orlistat, which is said to be a gastric and pancreatic lipase inhibitor. When you inhibit these digestive enzymes, you are also inhibiting fat metabolism from the foods you eat in your diet (1).

Studies suggest that lipase inhibitors such as this can reduce the absorption of fat by as much as 30 to 40 percent. This means that orlistat would be able to significantly prevent fat absorption, fat storage, and weight gain if it works in the manner that it claims.

However, there is a lot more you need to know about orlistat before you take the Amsa Fast diet pills and expect to experience significant weight loss.

For starters, to make orlistat (Amsa Fast) work, you must also be following a low calorie diet and getting regular exercise, so it is not some miracle diet pill that will produce a massive reduction in your stored fat on its own.

Even then, if you are on an extremely low fat diet it will have little effect, as it prevents the absorption of fat, not calories. This means you need to make sure you have an extremely balanced, healthy diet for the supplement to work, not just a diet low in calories (2).

Then there is the fact that orlistat may not work, depending on how much weight loss you are trying to achieve, as it is only an effective weight loss supplement for people who are significantly overweight.

This means, while it can be used to treat obesity, it won't aid the weight loss process if you have minimal stored fats and are only seeking a small amount of weight loss (3).

Finally, there is the lengthy list of side effects that are linked to the Amsa Fast capsule (4). In addition to being a fat blocker, one of the biggest side effects of orlistat is that it can also block the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and beta carotene as well.

While this can be counteracted by taking an additional multivitamin supplement, it only adds to the already high cost of taking Amsa Fast and can cause other health issues if you don't realise it is happening.

Beyond this, orlistat can also cause more noticeable side effects, like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gastrointestinal discomfort, abdominal pain, dry skin, poor energy levels, bowel issues, and a number of other long term complications, such as developing eating disorders.

Amsa Fast Review Conclusion

While taking the Amsa Fast supplement can help some people to achieve weight loss, it is not the healthiest option and will likely offer no benefits to the vast majority of people, as its active ingredient only works for those who are obese and have a huge amount of weight to lose.

Even if you are one of the people that can aid your weight loss by using Amsa Fast, it just isn't worth the cost to your body or wallet, due to its high price and long list of side effects, even if you only take one capsule per day. That is why we highly suggest you do not take Amsa Fast.

We instead recommend that you use longer standing diet pills with a focus on reducing appetite, keeping energy levels high and raising BMR, not just binding fat. There are far better options out there right now that can do a better job, saving you money and not causing any health issues, as such we can't recommend Amsa Fast.

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