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Is Alpliean Legit?

Updated 5th July 23

Alpilean is another weight loss supplement with little substance

Weight loss supplements don't have to be a waste of time, unfortunately a lot are, Alpilean is one of the the latter. The fact is that none of the ingredients in alpilean are effective or in a high enough dosage to have any impact. 

Alpilean pills are 300mg, and whilst there is some argument for ginger and curcumin's benefits (although the weight loss side of things is tenuous at best) the dosages need to be more than 1000mg each for these ingredients to have any effect at all.

The fact that Alpilean claims that simply taking it with no other lifestyle changes is also a massive red flag. Comparing it to effective fat burning supplements, these typically make the claims that they will, help suppress appetite, give you more energy whilst dieting, it's quite obvious that the concept of a miracle pill just isn't true.

The verified customer reviews of Alpilean that we'll come to in theuser  satisfaction section are as you may expect going to agree with us completely.

What does alpilean mean by raising your core body temperature?

The claims made by Alpilean are all about core body temperature, as we've stated there are really 3 things you can do to effect weight loss. Eat less, move more, or raise your temperature. So, there is some truth to the concept of thermogenic fat burners (this is what the supplements industry usually calls them), Alpilean just does almost nothing for it. It's also the least effective of the 3 methods.

Supplements can raise core body temperature, but, this realistically only ads about 5% to your standard caloric burn at best. This is equivalent to 100-150 kcals a day, otherwise known as 1lb of fat per month. It's a bonus for effective weight loss supplements, not the core feature, as a result Alpilean just isn't what it claims to be. 

And even a good fat burner isn't going to achieve 30lb of weight loss in one month as Alpilean suggests. Keep in mind 1lb of fat is 3500 kcals. 

But there is a better way for weight loss supplements to work.

 Jogging for 1hr burns about 1.5x your body weight so a 180lb man would burn 270kcals, this is the same as one dry bagel. So eating less is obviously easier than the jog. This is why appetite suppressants are generally more effective than other weight loss aids.

Then there's NEAT (the movement that you do through the day that isn't exercise) which accounts for about 30-40% of your calories used, this actually lowers when you diet, because you subconsciously conserve energy. 

This is what makes stimulants like caffeine effective ingredients to add into weight loss aids as they counteract that.

As for a core body temperature supplement they can work a little bit, although Alpilean doesn't actually contain the best ingredients for this, capsaicin and caffeine both work better than any of the Alpilean ingredients.

Thus typically we recommend that a supplement that helps you eat less or move more is going to be more effective for weight loss than a thermogenic. And ideally a weight loss supplement that does all 3. Fortunately there are a few at the same price point as Alpilean.

As such we catagorically do NOT recommend Alpilean. We do have a list of some weight loss aids that can help, you're not going to lose 30lb in a month, like Alpilean claims, but at least these ones do actually work.

Best Fat Burners

Customers Alpilean Reviews

When we first wrote this rather negative Alpilean review, there wasn't a whole lot to go on. as it was quite new to the market. But even at the time it was a little bit sketchy. For example, the product had been released for less than a month, but Alpilean was claiming in it's testimonials of people had 30lbs of weight loss and up.. 

Most effective weight loss supplements typically make some less grand claims. Especially in the context of losing weight without changing lifestyle. 

The Alpilean reviews we could find on reddit however, were unsurprisingly less than positive. Although we couldn't find any information on whether or not they honor their money back guarantee which many supplement manufacturers do not. Since the original time of writing however, things have become quite clear that they don't honor their guarantee and that we were right to expect that we'd see a lot of negative reviews coming pretty soon.

Alpilean Reviews FAQ

Common questions about Alpilean

Is Alpilean Safe?

Alpilean should be safe, with the exclusion of standard allergies, we'd go as far as to say it's probably good for you as a dietary supplement with numerous health benefits, it just has little if anything to do with healthy weight loss and any alpilean weight loss claims should probably be ignored.

Is Alpilean A Scam?

Honestly, we don't say this often, but we would probably go as far as to say alpilean is a scam supplement, there's nothing in here that will be effective for weight loss in the way it claims.

Alpilean Diet Pills Ingredients

Note, the entire blend of all Alpilean ingredients is 250mg, meaning nothing here can be properly dosed.

Golden Algae - There is pretty much no evidence to suggest that Golden Algae works for weight loss. There have been a couple of trials on mice and on stem cells, [1] but, nothing substantial whatsoever. It's obviously good for your health, rich in omega's etc. But, isn't going to help you lose weight.

African Mango Seed - One of the most commonly under dosed ingredients in low quality weight loss supplements, African mango seed has unfortunately been shown to not be as effective as originally hoped. It's not completely terrible, but in the mid 2000s there was one that suggested it looked incredibly promising as a thermogenic agent. However, said study was funded by a supplements company, and there were several convenient drop outs not included in the final results (who's reason for dropping out was that they weren't losing weight fast enough) [2] which obviously tilted the end results in favor of the supplement.

Other studies later showed that there was some benefit, in that people taking the supplement lost 9lbs more than the placebo group over a 10 week period [3]. It's an OK inclusion in Alpilean, if the ingredient is in a high enough dosage, but, it can't possibly be. You need 300mg of African Mango Seed for it to be effective, and Alpilean's entire blend is 250mg.

Bitter Orange - Names as bigarade orange in alpilean, this ingredient has long since been debunked as a weight loss aid [4]. There were some initial rat trials that showed it as effective, but this did not translate to human studies. Poor ingredient choice for the alpilean weight loss supplement.

Moringa Leaf - Moringa leaf can work [5] but only if dosed in 150mg per pound of body weight of the person taking the supplement, as the entire Alpilean weight reduction pill weighs 250mg it's not going to do anything at all to help you lose weight.

Ginger Root - Ginger has a massive host of benefits, however, for any of them it needs to be dosed at around 3 grams, again, not possible in alpilean weight loss pills. It's also not exactly great for weight loss, it can reduce bloating and can actually raise testosterone levels in some men, which in turn could help build muscle and with fat burning, but it's not really a good inclusion in alpilean.

Turmeric Root - Much like ginger, turmeric has a lot of benefits and needs to be dosed in grams to be effective, the problem is that the active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, only actually makes up about 20% of turmeric extract and typically needs to be dosed in 500-1000mg to be effective. Whereas the alpilean supplement doesn't have enough room for this. It's good for inflammation and muscle recovery if you're working out, so could help you train harder, and some recent studies have shown it could have some benefit to weight loss, but not any old turmeric will do and alpilean unfortunately doesn't have enough curcumin to help you lose weight.

Alpilean Review Conclusion

Alpilean is another flash in the pan supplement with a decent marketing budget, other weight loss supplements do what Alpilean diet pills claim, better and target other more effective fat burning angles. We can't recommend the Alpilean weight loss supplement. It's not going to do you any harm, but there are far better products available, that will actually have the desired effect. Will alpilean help you lose weight? Well slightly, maybe, but we suspect that most people aren't looking for half a pound a month. In 99% of cases a caffeine pill would be more effective for weight loss than Alpilean, get something else, but there are some decent options available with proven ingredients that don't rely solely on the weakest of the 3 weight loss mechanisms.

Generally we recommend Instant Knockout for most people, containing caffeine and glucomannan (which suppress appetite and raise energy) as well as a host of other proven ingredients.

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Appetite Supressant 2/10
Thermogenic Boost 2/10
Energy Boost 1/10
Customer Satisfaction 1/10
Ingredients Quality 2/10
Value 1/10
Recommended 1/10


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