Ageless Male Pro-T Pump Review

Does Ageless Male Pro-T Pump Actually Work?

Pro-T Pump contains a few good testosterone-boosting ingredients, but we wouldn’t advise taking its muscle-pumping claims too seriously.

Pro-T Pump claims to be able to increase muscle size by increasing blood flow to muscles and boosting nitric oxide production. The theory that increased nitric oxide improves athletic performance and increases muscle gains is far from proven. Studies show very mixed and inconclusive results [1]. 

What the limited studies do tell us about nitric oxide is that some benefits may occur among people who are not used to regularly working out or who only work out occasionally, but that no benefits will be experienced by people who are used to training and have well-developed physiques. That said, the results are too limited to really draw any conclusions. 

Given the ambiguity and uncertainty of the evidence, we feel it is perhaps an exaggeration for Ageless Male to claim that Pro-T Pump will actually increase your muscle size directly. 

It will probably give your testosterone production a boost as it does contain a few decent ingredients (although several are under-dosed), and this will aid muscle growth and muscle mass development. That said, there are better testosterone boosters available with properly dosed, effective ingredients, and with a stronger focus on muscle development, that don’t waste space on ingredients designed to increase nitric oxide production. We recommend Testofuel for anyone looking for a t booster to improve their gym performance.

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Ageless Male Pro-T Pump Customer Reviews

With only 15 verified reviews of Pro-T Pump on Amazon, we don’t have a lot of customer feedback to base our opinion on. Of the reviews of Pro-T Pump, 59% gave a five-star rating, which is a little on the low side compared to other testosterone boosters, and, more significantly, received 9% one-star reviews, which is a little higher than normal.

The positive reviews spoke of more energy and a noticeable increase in muscle size during workouts. But on closer inspection, even some of the better-rated reviews (including three and four-star reviews) actually said the product did nothing for them. Evidently, these customers are very generous and forgiving people, we would give a testosterone booster that did nothing one star or none!  

Ageless Male Pro-T Pump Ingredients

Vitamin D (5mcg) - Given that many adults in the US are deficient in vitamin D, and considering that there are multiple studies demonstrating a clear link between adequate vitamin D levels and testosterone production, this is a solid choice of ingredient. However, the dose in Pro-T Pump is on the low side. Studies repeatedly show that high doses of vitamin D work best. We would expect the dose to be about four times higher, if not more, to get the full benefits.

Vitamin B1 (1.2mcg) - Like all B vitamins, B1 is important for turning food into fuel, or, more precisely, carbohydrates into glucose. Including B vitamins in a t booster can be a good way to increase energy levels for anyone using a booster in combination with regular exercise. But B1 doesn’t have any direct link to boosting testosterone levels.

Vitamin B2 (1.3mcg) - Like B1, vitamin B2 is important for your health but it is not linked to testosterone production directly. All B vitamins play a role in regulating hormones and therefore may help testosterone production, but more evidence is needed to confirm whether B2 does this.

Vitamin B6 (10mg) - Vitamin B6 is important for brain development, immune system functioning, and the nervous system. Unlike B1 and B2, there is evidence that B6 increases testosterone production and a 10mg dose should be effective.

Vitamin B12 (2.4mcg) - Vitamin B12 is another confirmed testosterone booster. Like B6, vitamin B12 is needed in the production of testosterone. However, 2.4mcg is a very low dose. For better results, a dose of at least 60-80mcg would be appropriate.

L-Citrulline (1500mg) - Pro-T Pump claims to increase muscle mass by increasing nitric oxide in the body. L-cirtulline is a key component in this as it increases the body’s natural production of nitric oxide. With 1500mg of L-citrulline per serving, this is the main ingredient in Pro-T Pump, which is not exactly what we would expect from a testosterone booster, and, as we said, we’re not yet convinced by the science on nitric oxide and muscle development.

Ashwagandha Root Extract (338mg) - Another solid ingredient with a wealth of studies demonstrating ashwagandha’s positive impact on testosterone production. The dose included in Pro-T Pump will certainly deliver some results but a more adequate and effective dose would have been around 500mg, so the dose here is a little on the low side.

Herbal N.O. Boost Complex (40.71mg) - Now we arrive at the first of three blends designed to increase nitric oxide, which, as we explained above, is a somewhat dubious claim since the evidence linking nitric oxide to improved athletic performance is currently inconclusive. Since all three blends are proprietary, we don’t know exactly what’s in them, but all three are quite small so it’s clear there isn’t that much of anything. In most cases, there is probably not enough of the ingredient to have much effect.

Vegetable N.O. Boost Complex (30.41mg) - This complex looks more like it should be in a greens powder with spinach leaf powder, broccoli powder, and kale powder, among other ingredients. Perhaps you’ll get a few minerals from this mix, but at just 30mg it’s unlikely to do much else.

Fruit N.O. Boost Complex (24.10mg) - With 13 ingredients packed into this blend of just 24mg, there is only a tiny amount of each ingredient. It’s unlikely to have much of an impact.

Asian Ginseng Root Extract (200mg) - Ginseng is a good ingredient for a testosterone booster, it has been linked to male reproductive health and muscle growth as well as testosterone production in numerous studies, and the Asian variety has been shown to be the most effective. However, the dose here is definitely on the low side. A better dose would be around 400mg.